2019 Paranormal Romance Blog Tour Day 5: Wrap-up!



I would like to wrap up this year’s blog tour with a big thank you to all the participating authors. I’m going to list their names and links to their featured post in case you missed one of the days this week.

Participating Authors for this years’ Paranormal Romance Blog Tour:

  1. Lorri Moulton
  2. Sherry Perkins
  3. Lynn Nodima
  4. Marilyn Vix

From all the authors participating, thank you for stopping by during this week to meet all these fabulous authors and find out about their books.

If you enjoyed this blog tour, and would like to find out about more great authors, please follow my blog. I feature reviews and interviews of romance authors all year long. Plus, I also put together romance promo deals throughout the year with authors. The promos are run through Prolific Works.com.

Until next year,

-Marilyn Vix



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