Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2019 Day 2: Sherry Perkins


Sherry Perkins is the author of the paranormal romance, At The End of the Rainbow.

Welcome back to the second day of the Paranormal Romance Blog Tour. I’d like to introduce you to our second featured author. Sherry Perkins has worked hard as a nurse for thirty-five years. She is a mother of four, and enjoys reading, collecting sea shells and sea glass, gardening, and following the “Dave Mathews” band around the country when they tour. Sherry was inspired to write her new book, At the End of the Rainbowwhen she visited Ireland. I was able to ask her about her Halloween memories, why she likes to write paranormal romances, and what she has in store for us in regards to future projects..

1) What is your favorite Halloween costume or memory?
Sherry Perkins: I have two memories, both are equally weighted. One memory was of my childhood Halloween. We lived just outside Baltimore City, in a community jam-packed with row houses and a gazillion people. This was back in the sixties. My mom made me a witch costume that was black as night, long and flowing. I carried around the kitchen broom as a prop, and a paper grocery bag that I’d decorated with crayon drawings for a candy sack. I took my brothers and sisters with me to trick or treat. I was the big sister, and this was the first year we went out on our own. It’s kind of silly, really, but the memory is that we got 123 pieces of candy that night. Man, we cleaned up! It was special since I got to take my brothers and sister to 123 houses because they were having so much fun! Then it got dark, they got tired and we went home, skipping, with our bags full!
The second memory is of the first Halloween where my children went out on their own. They were so little but my oldest son was seven years older than his brother and sister. He explained to me he was grown up enough to do it. They only went around the block and thought it was such an adventure! They were all in homemade costumes — a hunter, a skeleton, and a nurse. The homeowner’s group had a Halloween parade first, and they all won for their age-groups which is what made this memory so dear!
2) Who is your favorite romance or paranormal author and how did they influence you?
Sherry Perkins: Oh, this is another tough one. My favorite romance writer – of all time – was Mary Stewart. She was famous in the seventies with her Merlin trilogy. The stories were mystical, semi-historical and beautifully written. Later she wrote a paranormal romance called “Thornyhold.” It was a neat little tale about a woman moving to a new home and finding love there in the village. She was a witch and, well, read the story.
As far as contemporary paranormal/romance writers, I really enjoy Charlaine Harris. She has several series including the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and the Midnight, Texas novels; those are my favorites.
Both authors have an easy writing style with great character development, perfectly scary or tension-filled moments and romance where you least expect it. Their stories are believable and immersive. I like the ebb and flow of relationships within the story line. It’s something I try to emulate.
3) Do you have a writing routine? What works for you.
Sherry Perkins: No, I don’t have a routine per se. I write whenever and wherever I can — in the morning before work, during lunch breaks at work, for a few hours at home after dinner. But, if I had my preference, I’d work between midnight and four. It’s very quiet then, with no distractions. But I don’t get to do that often, usually only during holidays and vacations.
I write until I feel like I’ve reached a natural stopping place. I don’t edit at first –  just try to get the general form down. I edit once a week for spelling, grammar, punctuation and continuity and again after 100 pages, then at the conclusion of the project. I wait a month or two, do a second read through and make any changes before having someone read it from a purely reader’s perspective.
4) What paranormal creatures or subjects would you like to write about? Why?
Sherry Perkins: Most of my stories are about Celtic folklore: faeries, kelpie, selkies, brownies and trolls. They are depicted more like humans than not – with the added “species” characteristics of the stories we grew up with. And like the stories we grew up with, they are a shade on the darker side, which to me, often translates as human foibles and desires.
As a departure from Celtic tradition, I wrote a series of short stories about a woman who was abducted by aliens as a child and raised among them. The aliens have a bit of a shifter component, they’re dog-like, living a pack life because of something that happened in their evolution.
With both, the stories present the opportunity to explore human traits, behaviors, and circumstances that are perhaps less threatening than exploring societal issues head-on. When you cloak the story in the paranormal, or the make believe, it’s so much more subtle and personal, easier to generalize and be inclusive.
5) What projects are you working on now?
Sherry Perkins: Both my paranormal series have additional books and side stories. I’m working on a book of shadows (a magical cook book of a sort, lol) that ties back to the Will-o’-the-Wisp stories and what Morgan learns on her journey through Northern Ireland, Scotland and back to the States. It’s been a lot of fun. But books three and four of the Wisp series are in editing now.
That gives me the opportunity to work on the next short story in the alien shifter series. Those are “A Girl and Her Dog” adventures.
I’m also starting the next book in the cozy mystery series I’ve done with a country veterinarian and the newly elected sheriff. That’s the Dr. Butterbaugh series.
Oddly enough, all my paranormal romance stories are murder mysteries as well. I’m a big fan of blended genre. And not oddly, like many writers, I have a bunch of stories in development all at once!
At the End of the Rainbow is a modern day fairy story romance. Morgan Patterson visited Northern Ireland her senior year to get away from family drama and study. But she is easily distracted by gorgeous police sergeant, Tiernan Doherty. She starts to feel connected to him, maybe even bound. She is haunted by visions and dreams, with warnings that she may be harboring special abilities. Could the fairies of stories be true? Will she finally understand what she needs to about herself and those she loves before it is too late?
At the End of the Rainbow is available at
For more information on the author Sherry Perkins, visit her Amazon author page.
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