Cover Reveal for Saving My Heart:Launching On Wattpad


New Cover for Wattpad Novel, Saving My Heart!

So, I got tired of my cover on Wattpad. So, I commissioned a new one. And it’s here! Just in time for Valentine’s Day. So, hope you all like it. If you’d like to take a look at my free Wattpad novel, head over to Wattpad here for the story of Julie and Peter. I’m still shopping this around. So, not sure if I’ll sell it or self-publish. I have a longer 50K version now than the first draft up on Wattpad. We’ll have to see what 2017 brings. Enjoy!


KDrama Drinking Game

kdramasruleSo, those of you that know and follow me probably have seen a lot of my posts about my interest in Korean dramas (Kdramas) and writing fanfiction for them. In fact, I had a Harlequin editor interested in my kdrama fanfiction on Wattpad too. (Of course, I’ve sent in a proposal and I’m still waiting to hear back. Cross your fingers.) But as I’ve been passing time over the last year recovering from my medical issues, I’ve become quite addicted to watching them. It was only natural I would start writing in regards to them, especially since I’ve been exploring with fan fiction. (For those that don’t know, the successful book Fifty Shades of Grey started on Wattpad as Twilight fan fiction.)

So, I was watching my current Kdrama, My Unfortunate Boyfriend, when I started thinking about how many similar tropes there are in most of the Kdramas. Besides having  a lot of romance novel structure, they tend to have some events or tropes that happen in every drama. How much fun would it be to have a list that when watching a Kdrama, you could take a drink every time you saw a trope typical for Kdramas? I thought, hmm, that’s a great idea. Thus, the Kdrama Drinking Game was born.

I’ve listed 10 different tropes that tend to happen in all the Kdramas I’ve watched so far. So, print out the list or have it set on your phone/laptop. Pour your favorite glass of wine or other tasty adult beverage, and watch your Kdrama. Every time you see one of the following 10 things happen in a scene, take a drink. Have fun!

(Note: MC=Main Character)

  1. MC girl rides on the back of the MC boy.
  2. Either MC falls accidentally on top of the other.
  3. Either MC yells or gets mad at the other.
  4. MCs are stuck together in a mysterious house, room, pit, bunker or IE> are trapped together in some way. Bonus Drink: There is a storm going on outside.
  5. MCs have their first kiss.
  6. MCs have any kiss.
  7. MC male lead takes off his shirt and shows off his amazing torso. (Heck, rewind and watch again and have a double.)
  8. MC male lead catches the MC female lead while she falls for any reason. (Fainting and tripping are the biggies. Extra drink if she falls for a reason other than these two.)
  9. Flashback of either MC. Bonus drink: If the flashback is with both MCs together.
  10. Either MC lead cooks for the other.

This is just the list I came up with. I’m sure there are more that can be added. If you think I missed a good one, feel free to write it into the comments section and I can add it onto the master list.

So, now that I’ve got that out of my system, time to get back to my NaNoWriMo 2016 writing. Enjoy your Kdrama! -Marilyn




To Launch A Time Travel Romance On Wattpad or Not? Need Feedback!


Cover reveal of Marilyn Vix’s secret Time Travel Novel “Everything For Love”

So, I’m playing around with a wild idea after going over and looking at the Watty Winners. I’ve been looking at one of the winners, Rob Thier, has done with his stories. He’s self-published them on KDP and Smashwords, and is currently a Watty 2016 Winner for his second book in his series. His first book, Storm and Silence, is currently up for a Goodreads Reading award. No small accomplishments for a German guy living in a small village. Incredible and very inspirational really.

So, I have an entire Time Travel Romance novel done. Finished. I’ve been shopping it around, and have been getting rejections. I’m this close to a possible Kindle Scout launch, or maybe posting it Chapter by Chapter on Wattpad over the next several months. It would end with an eventual self-publishing of it on Amazon and possibly Smashwords.

So, not sure where to go with this. It is a lot steamier than I have with my other novel “Saving My Heart” on Wattpad. It would have to be listed 18+ on Wattpad. I would have to check into how to stop it from 13+ from reading. Or might just do Kindle Scout for that reason. I don’t want to edit the steaminess out since it does create the bonding of the characters and move the story forward, as well it should. I mean, it takes place in Victorian Paris and London. And she powers her time machine by sex. So, kind of have to let that stand in the novel.

It’s like 65K. I’ve had some promising interest from two small presses, but had them reject it. So, I’m bringing the conversation to you, my blog readers, what do you think? What would be of interest to you? Please comment below. If there are people that want to read this, and are interested, I would consider send it out now. I’m just trying to decide which is the better option, Kindle Scout or Wattpad. Thank you ahead of time. -Marilyn


Marilyn Vix’s Wattpad Summer Events

Wattpad Block Party Summer IIIt’s time for another Wattpad Block Party! I’ve joined up in the fun again. I had such a good time in the Winter participating in this event, I signed up for the summer party. It’s over 150 authors on Wattpad getting together and sharing articles, secret chapters, advice, and more. There are giveaways from the authors as well.

Here is my post for my article at the Wattpad Block Party Summer Edition II:

Here’s my Giveaway Link during the Wattpad Block Party. You can win a copy of Never Marry A Warlock Omnibus print edition.

Here is the general link for the Wattpad Block Party Summer Edition II:

Plus, I just finished my Korean drama fan fiction called “Firsts”. It took about a year to get this novella done, but I hope you like how it turned out. I’ve been spending a lot of time editing and getting two manuscripts ready as I submit to publishers. So, it is a nice escape to just write for fun on Wattpad.

Here’s a bit about the novella Firsts:

FirstscvrWhat happened to Gu Joon-pyu while he was in America getting the Schnwa Group back on track? Four years is an awful long time. Enter Tiffany Smith, American Pop star. She seems to be the typical blonde haired, blue-eyed American stereotypical girl except for one thing, she’s nothing he’s encountered before.

She’s more famous and rich then him, and really doesn’t seem to care that he is the great Gu Joon-pyu. Can he deal with the fact that not only is she famous and rich like him, he can’t seem to resist her?

She’s a woman that can bring a boy to manhood. They start a romance that will take him down the road of maturity to find himself and what love really can do to a person.

Maybe even F4 will show up to help him find more about himself. Is Jun-di still the one? Or will Tiffany sweep him off his feet?

So, here is the link to FIRSTS:

I’ve also entered Firsts into the Wattys 2016. So, cross your fingers. You just never know. Hope you’re having a fabulous summer! I’m working on getting the next in a new series done that includes characters from the Beware of Warlocks series. Stay tuned for more.

Until next time, have a happy end of summer and Back to School!




Wattpad Cover Contest for Saving My Heart


Saving My Heart is getting a new cover. Share the love at: Wattpad/users/marilynvix.

Hi everyone! Some of you know that I’ve been writing on Wattpad for almost 2 years now. I can’t believe it. I signed up for Wattpad just before having massive heart failure (I almost died), and it was my saving grace while I couldn’t move and get off the couch for 3 months. I ended up writing a new adult contemporary novel, and I’ve decided to perk interest in it again by having a cover design contest.

So, I’m starting a contest to design the new cover for “Saving My Heart”. I thought who would be the best designer but a fan of the book. I’m setting the deadline for April 15. That should give everyone a good month to design their best. I’m looking for a cover that represents the story, genre, theme, and the characters. I do like to see the main characters, Julie and Peter on the front. But I’m open to other interpretations. I’d love to see ideas and inspirations you get from the story included in the cover. Go for it! Impress me!

What do you win? CREDIT. I will list you as the cover designer and use your design as the cover for “Saving My Heart”. Plus, I will rename a character in the story, Patty, Julie’s friend, after you. So, you get a character named after your first name in “Saving My Heart”. (Note: Just your first name will be used, or name of your choosing. I won’t use your last name, since I’m creating a fictional character.) **Use of the cover will be on Wattpad, and with permission, on my blog to use a link. I’ll be posting about this on my blog too. So, I want to display the winner there as well.

If you are interested, message me or post your email in the comments, and I’ll tell you where to send you’re cover design. Plus, if you have any questions, please post a comment. I want this to be fun and a challenge, but a way to include my followers in the process on Wattpad and on my blog. It’s because of you that “Saving Your Heart” was finished. You always keep me going.

DEADLINE: April 15, 2016

*I’ll announce finalists on Monday, April 18, 2016. The winner will be announced Friday, April 22, 2016.

Thanks for making the writing experience super awesome. All of my fans keep me going.

I’m looking forward to your entry. Happy designing! -Marilyn


To See the Cover Design Notice On Wattpad:

Wattpad Promo Opportunity: Wattpad Block Party Winter Edition II


Wattpad Block Party Winter Edition

The Wattpad Block Party runs Feb. 1-29 with over 100 authors.

I’ve talked about some of the fun things I’ve done on Wattpad over the last year. From writing a new adult novel to participating in the different Wattpad writing contests, I’ve found there is no end to things you can do on Wattpad to support your writing. Now, I’ve found a great way to engage your followers once you’ve got some projects up for them to read. It’s an author organized promotional event. I’m currently participating in the Wattpad Block Party. Here’s how it works.

The Wattpad Block Party is an author event that is run by @KellyAnneBlount. She’s put together a fabulous way to promote yourself on Wattpad and beyond. For the entire month of February, authors will be posting daily in the Wattpad Block Party interviews, blog posts, behind the scenes, and all sorts of fun info to engage readers on Wattpad. There are over 100 authors involved, and even a ton of giveaways. The prizes range from being named after a character in a chapter, receiving a critique on Wattpad, having a chapter dedicated to you, to ebooks from different authors.

Of course, to get this involved you need content. So, it’s best to find these author events after you’ve got some stories up on Wattpad. But once you get some content up, it’s great to participate in these kinds of author organized parties.

If you’d like to check out the event, here is the link. All the information is posted in a book on Wattpad. Events run every 6 months. I had to sign up a while back, and I’m very excited to be part of this one. I’ve done other author promos with authors from my writing board,, even organizing blog tours of my own. I know they can be a lot of fun, and the cross pollination of readers is a win win for everyone involved. Readers get to discover more authors, and the authors gain more followers.

To find out more about the Wattpad Block Party Winder Edition II: CLICK HERE!

To find out more about Marilyn Vix on Wattpad: CLICK HERE!


My New Addiction: Korean Dramas (BOYS OVER FLOWERS)

New Boys Over Flowers Fanfiction by Marilyn Vix on Wattpad. Entitled: Firsts

New Boys Over Flowers Fanfiction by Marilyn Vix on Wattpad. Entitled: Firsts

SO, I have found a new addiction. My friend was watching a series on Netflix called Boys Over Flowers. So, I watched the first episode with her. That’s how it started. I had to binge to get through the series. I’ve been deeply immersed in Korean drama for the last week.

Sad part is reaching the end. You want more. But the series ending might just leave things hanging, or leave a big space before the HEA. And that’s where my writer brain kicks in, filling in the details in between.

Thank God for Wattpad. I can write some fan fiction using the characters to fill in the spaces that my brain craves, and practice some tropes in the process. Nothing like some good exercises with some sweet romance to hone the writing tools.

I’ve come up with Gu Joon-pyo (Main alpha Korean male billionaire from Boys Over Flowers) two years into his stay in the US before coming back to propose to Geum Jan Di. He seems to come back a bit self-assured. So what happened, right? Well, what if he bumps into a Taylor Swift-like American pop star that is more famous and rich then he? I know, right? Should be fun.

Photo of Capitola Beach in Capitola, CA last time I traveled over the hill to the beach.

Photo of Capitola Beach in Capitola, CA last time I traveled over the hill to the beach.


Well, if you have no idea who I’m talking about, it’s all good. Even if you haven’t seen the show or watched Korean dramas, you’ll get it. I’ve put up my new project onto Wattpad. It promises to be a lot of fun. I’m not sure how many chapters it’s going to take to finish it. We’ll let the characters decide. So, join my writing play land on Wattpad.

Oh, and yeah, I am working on my other writing projects. I’m just playing hooky for a while. It’s just so much fun. Then, I’ll return to my paranormal romances. Vampires still rock. But Korean vampires, now that’s fun too.


Meanwhile, now I’m watching “The Heirs” which has got a lot of English and takes place in California. Already has my attention, though we Californians don’t all live by the beach. That’s like a million dollars for a one bedroom house. But hey, would be nice if we could. I still have to drive 45 minutes to get to the beach if there’s no traffic. But I digress. Looking forward on bingeing on this series next since it’s got home in it.

So, take care, and I’ll see you around the writing block. -Marilyn