Cover Reveal for Saving My Heart:Launching On Wattpad


New Cover for Wattpad Novel, Saving My Heart!

So, I got tired of my cover on Wattpad. So, I commissioned a new one. And it’s here! Just in time for Valentine’s Day. So, hope you all like it. If you’d like to take a look at my free Wattpad novel, head over to Wattpad here for the story of Julie and Peter. I’m still shopping this around. So, not sure if I’ll sell it or self-publish. I have a longer 50K version now than the first draft up on Wattpad. We’ll have to see what 2017 brings. Enjoy!


Everything For Love Available For Preorder: Releases Jan. 30, 2017


Available now on Amazon for preorder. Releases Jan. 30, 2017.

So, finally, after three years of blood, sweat and tears, my first full length novel is available for preorder. It’s official release date is Jan. 30th! You can order it now, and you won’t even have to worry about anything. It will get delivered to your Kindle at midnight on that date.

If you wish to review this book and would like a review copy, please use my review request/contact form.


Here’s the blurb:

Paris 1899
Deidre is followed by a mysterious stranger.
London 1914
She sees the same man again.
What would you do if you were being followed through time?

Deidre Thompson is a timeanaut studying artists in the early 20th Century powering her time device by sex. A mysterious stranger follows her from Paris 1899 to London 1914. He saves her life which changes the timeline. The man, Max, reveals he’s been sent by the Time Counsel to save her. Max helps Deidre on the assignment. But he is secretly in love with her, and defied the Time Counsel to save her. The timeline change brings Deidre’s past love back to life, but can she choose between them to save them all?

Here’s the link to preorder your copy:

Book Trailer Link:


Plus, you are invited to the Facebook Release Party. Here are the event links to get on the list.

Everything For Love Release Party On Facebook: Giveaways, Games and Fun!

Feb. 8 6:30pm-8:30pm CST

Come join the festivities! Thanks for all the support and well wishing. I know this will be the start of a new, awesome paranormal romance series.



Everything For Love Not Chosen For Kindle Press! However, it’s Not The End!


Everything For Love will release on January 30, 2017.

So, I’m sorry to announce Everything For Love was not chosen for Kindle Press. But this is not the end of it. This is merely the beginning, because I have a Plan B. I have pretty much self-published everything up to this point. So, I’m moving ahead with that plan. What I got from this KS campaign was the overwhelming feedback that my readers, my people, want to see this book published. So, I will not disappoint you. It is going to happen.

In fact, it is scheduled for release at the end of the month on January 30, 2017. Preorders will go up a few weeks before this date.

I want to thank everyone that nominated this novel for Kindle Press. I can actually let Kindle Scout know when it is self-published, and they will send out emails to everyone that believed in this book. So, all was not in vain. Plus, I will need an ARC team that would be willing to review before it goes on sale. Please contact me through my review copy page here. Everything For Love will come out as a Kindle Unlimited title for the first three months. So, only Kindle ARC or PDF copies will be available for now.

Just check off you’d like a review copy and type in “Everything For Love” in the comment box. I’ll put you on the list for an ARC copy when it is available.

Link to Review Copy Request Page:

Thank you for all of the support over the last thirty days. I’m excited to finally see this project come to completion so I can work on the second book in the series. 2017 is going to be a great year!







Last Day to Vote for Everything For Love on Kindle Scout


Kindle Scout Campaign ends Dec. 8, 2016.

This is it! Today is the last day to vote for my time travel romance, Everything For Love, on Kindle Scout. Over the last 30 days, I’ve been telling everyone, running Facebook promotions, tweeting, and in just general getting the word out about my first full length novel. I’ve been working on this story for three years, two years to write and one year of full editing. I am so proud to do a preview of it as a submission through Kindle Scout.

What’s Kindle Scout?

Kindle Scout is the Amazon submission program for their ebook press, Kindle Press. It replaced the annual “Amazon Breakout Novel” contest. Instead of publishing one book a year, Amazon now takes on continuous submissions that go through a 30 day campaign with readers that stop by the Kindle Scout website. A profile is uploaded of your manuscript (usually first two chapters), a blurb, cover, and tagline. Plus, there is a short author interview. With these enticements, readers can decide if they want to nominate your book to be published by Kindle Press.

So, today is the last day for nominations for my novel. If you like a good Time Travel Romance set in Paris 1899 and London 1914, suspense, Steampunk and a love triangle, check it out. Plus, the time machine is powered by sex. So, my heroine, Deidre, is quite a frisky girl. But I figured she’d have to be, especially since she comes from about 2160. Sex would have different society guidelines by then. But I digress. You can tell I had to do a lot of thinking about time travel and how to power her machine while writing this sci-fi romance.


If you so deem my novel worthy, you can also enter for a gift basket and Amazon Gift Card by posting a screen shot or mentioning you’d voted at this event on Facebook:

Facebook Event:

Or at this website:

I thank you for your consideration. I will be sure to follow up with results and share my whole Kindle Scout experience. Happy Holidays! -Marilyn




Ebook Deals and Novel Dreams: Nominate Everything For Love on Kindle Scout

Get Some Deals For The Holidays Nov 25-28

I’m participating in a Romance book fair over the Thanksgiving Holidays. There are over 30 romance books priced between $0.99-2.99. Everything from Historical Romance to Steampunk Fantasy. Find your next book boyfriend. When you visit, you can enter the contest for a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

Link to the book fair:

everything-thumbnailNominate Everything For Love 

Marilyn Vix’s first full length novel is up for consideration to be published by Kindle Press, Amazon’s ebook publishing house. It is listed through Amazon’s Kindle Scout program to be voted for publication. You can stop by the website, look over blurb and first two chapters, and make a nomination to see this new novel come to life.

**If you nominate, you get a free copy of the book when it is published through Amazon.

Link to Everything For Love on Kindle Scout:

A message from Marilyn:
“I’ve been working for three years on this novel. I can’t wait to share it with you. It’s a time travel romance. I had to research 19th century and early 20th century artists, and Victorian London. It was truly a labor of love. Please check out the profile for Everything For Love on Kindle Scout, and consider nominating it to be published.” -Marilyn

Happy Thanksgiving and have a great Holiday season!

Kindle Scout Campaign for Everything For Love Launches Today!


Nominate Everything For Love at Kindle Scout!

Well folks, the only thing making me feel better tonight now that the US Presidential election is over, besides the wine and chocolate, is that my Kindle Scout Campaign just went live on Kindle Scout. This will definitely make your vote count! And I’d so appreciate your support!

I mulled it over, and figured out that Kindle Press is a great fit for me. There is the option to self-publish my print edition, and the push of Amazon marketing if my book is chosen. So, I know a lot of you have been waiting a long time to see this book. Now, you can make it happen. All you need to do is go to the Kindle Scout Website Profile for Everything For Love. While there, you can enjoy the first two chapters of the novel with an on-line excerpt.

If you’re not familiar with Kindle Scout, it took the place of Amazon’s Breakout Novel contest that they held once a year. They changed it over to a monthly submission contest where readers on Amazon and fans of the author can check out the new novel up for submission. Your vote, or nomination, let’s the editors know that there is a demand for the novel. Plus, the turn around is pretty quick. If Everything For Love is picked, it will be published in about two months as an ebook . So, you’ll get your free copy as a nominator as soon as it’s out through Amazon. Not bad? Free copy, and knowing you helped get a book published. Nothing like making your effort count!

Here is the link:

Thank you to all  my fans over the last several years for your encouragement and support!



To Launch A Time Travel Romance On Wattpad or Not? Need Feedback!


Cover reveal of Marilyn Vix’s secret Time Travel Novel “Everything For Love”

So, I’m playing around with a wild idea after going over and looking at the Watty Winners. I’ve been looking at one of the winners, Rob Thier, has done with his stories. He’s self-published them on KDP and Smashwords, and is currently a Watty 2016 Winner for his second book in his series. His first book, Storm and Silence, is currently up for a Goodreads Reading award. No small accomplishments for a German guy living in a small village. Incredible and very inspirational really.

So, I have an entire Time Travel Romance novel done. Finished. I’ve been shopping it around, and have been getting rejections. I’m this close to a possible Kindle Scout launch, or maybe posting it Chapter by Chapter on Wattpad over the next several months. It would end with an eventual self-publishing of it on Amazon and possibly Smashwords.

So, not sure where to go with this. It is a lot steamier than I have with my other novel “Saving My Heart” on Wattpad. It would have to be listed 18+ on Wattpad. I would have to check into how to stop it from 13+ from reading. Or might just do Kindle Scout for that reason. I don’t want to edit the steaminess out since it does create the bonding of the characters and move the story forward, as well it should. I mean, it takes place in Victorian Paris and London. And she powers her time machine by sex. So, kind of have to let that stand in the novel.

It’s like 65K. I’ve had some promising interest from two small presses, but had them reject it. So, I’m bringing the conversation to you, my blog readers, what do you think? What would be of interest to you? Please comment below. If there are people that want to read this, and are interested, I would consider send it out now. I’m just trying to decide which is the better option, Kindle Scout or Wattpad. Thank you ahead of time. -Marilyn