Book Review Submissions
To submit a book for review:
1) An independently published or small press book preferred. This includes small press and indie presses such as Createspace. I will except traditionally published romances, but prefer Indie to help get the word out.
2) I review paranormal romances, supernatural romances, time travel romances, and sometimes contemporary romances. Any romance with a sci-fi twist will get me excited.
3) Review format can be ebook edition with Kindle or Smashwords. I have received PDF files and gift copies for review. If you need to send me a hard copy(paperback or hardcover) to review, email me and I’ll send a mailing address.
4) Contact for review: Please use my reply/response form for any requests or questions.

***If you’d like to jump ahead in the queue, you can opt for a $5 priority fee. This will guarantee your review within a week once ARC or review copy is received. Payment is through

Article/Book Review Submissions(for credit as an guest author):
Please email your article or book review for consideration. All book reviews have to meet the above criteria. All links need to work. Pictures and graphics need to have use permission or be public domain. Articles need to relate to the Indie Publishing Industry with a connection to children’s books. All articles/book reviews submitted will be read and considered for the blog. There is no payment for excepted submissions, but credit as the author and links to website/information page will be included.

**For Author Interviews:

I’ve actually set up a Fiverr gig to help with this. If you are interested in having your book mentioned along with a short author interview, please check out my author interview gig on Fiverr HERE!