Ebook Deals and Novel Dreams: Nominate Everything For Love on Kindle Scout

Get Some Deals For The Holidays Nov 25-28

I’m participating in a Romance book fair over the Thanksgiving Holidays. There are over 30 romance books priced between $0.99-2.99. Everything from Historical Romance to Steampunk Fantasy. Find your next book boyfriend. When you visit, you can enter the contest for a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

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everything-thumbnailNominate Everything For Love 

Marilyn Vix’s first full length novel is up for consideration to be published by Kindle Press, Amazon’s ebook publishing house. It is listed through Amazon’s Kindle Scout program to be voted for publication. You can stop by the website, look over blurb and first two chapters, and make a nomination to see this new novel come to life.

**If you nominate, you get a free copy of the book when it is published through Amazon.

Link to Everything For Love on Kindle Scout:

A message from Marilyn:
“I’ve been working for three years on this novel. I can’t wait to share it with you. It’s a time travel romance. I had to research 19th century and early 20th century artists, and Victorian London. It was truly a labor of love. Please check out the profile for Everything For Love on Kindle Scout, and consider nominating it to be published.” -Marilyn

Happy Thanksgiving and have a great Holiday season!

My 2016 NaNoWriMo Plan

nanowrimo_2016_webbadge_participant-200So, I’m doing National Writing Month (NaNoWriWo) for the third time this year. I have to say, my word count hasn’t been what I had hoped. But then, I didn’t like the push and stress last year to make the 50K. I did win last year, finishing the full 50K on Nov. 29. But it was just to see if I could do it.

This year I’m feeling very different about it. I have gone to the Night of Writing Dangerously for two years in a row. I really enjoyed being with other writers and dressing up to write for the evening. It was a nice outing and a lot of fun. But this year, I feel, been there, done that. It was exciting to be a part of it. Now, I feel I just have to do this writing thing at my own speed. And so, I guess that has been why I have been approaching NaNo differently this year.

There is a lot of stress of pushing for word count daily. And I’ve gotten into a routine of at least one daily writing session of at least an hour a day. I could push to try to do two a day, but the stress got to me a bit last year. I also lost my dear cat right at the end of NaNo last year. So, this year, my heart might not have been fully in it as the last two years.

But I found NaNo has really helped get my word writing speed up and get a writing routine started. I’m finding that the once a day sprints I’m doing is giving me 800-1400 words a day. That seems to be a normal writing speed I’m comfortable with. And it’s good writing that I can use later. I won’t throw it away. I’ll edit the crap out of it, of course, but not throw it away. I’ll even count this blog post word count for NaNo. I count everything I work on this whole month. I usually line up several projects I want to work on or finish. So, it’s a whole month of getting some serious writing done for me. I focus on the creative, first draft writing to get those projects finished I need to.

I really also enjoy sharing the experience with other writers and writing in unison all month. It’s like a whole month where I just do rough drafts. So, it’s almost like a celebration of writing all through November. Where else can writers come together and celebrate and share in something they love to do. All the support, Tweets and memes on Twitter, supportive messages through the website, and seeing my word count go up all month really is a worth while experience to still do. Except I’m going to do it my way this year.

So, if you would like to still join in the NaNo challenge even though it’s Nov. 12, just join up and start writing. Don’t worry about finishing the 50K. Just worry about doing some writing each day, and see what you are able to do by the end of the month. You might surprise yourself.

If you’ve been doing NaNo this year or decide to join in because of my post, please let me know in the comment section. Love to see what word count you are up to.

National Novel Writing Month Website

Marilyn Vix’s NaNo Profile: Request to be my buddy once you sign up!

My word count as of this post so far this month: 9,451


Currently on Kindle Scout for nomination Nov. 9-Dec. 9, 2016

***Note: My NaNoWriMo Winning Novel from last year is up on Kindle Scout for nominations. I spent a year editing it and getting it ready for this moment. So, I’d appreciate any support and interest you may favor.

Kindle Scout is the program that Amazon has set up to receive possible manuscripts for their ebook imprint: Kindle Press. They get feedback from the public on what novels should be published.

So, please stop by, look over my novel Everything For Love‘s profile, and consider nominating it for publication. It’s a next step you can do after you complete your novel during NaNoWriMo.

Link to Everything For Love Profile on Kindle Scout

Happy Writing!




Sponsor Gifts Announced for NaNoWriMo Night Of Writing Dangerously 2015: Marilyn Vix

Support Marilyn Vix to write another year during NANO 2015!

Support Marilyn Vix to write another year during NANO 2015!

We’re getting near to the Night of Writing Dangerously, and I’ve noticed my donations bar a bit low. So, I’ve decided to up the stakes and add some motivational gifts for donation levels. I thought it over and came up with the list below. Keep in mind that this is all going to help others support their writing, and the NANO website. I don’t get to keep the money. I do eat free and get free wine. But it is to fuel for writing. It’s all in the name of art, of course. To help support the creation process, my future writing projects that I’ll be writing during the evening, here are the gifts you can earn for your donation:

$5 Never Marry A Warlock Novella Ebook

$10 Never Marry A Warlock Keychain Swag

$15 Never Marry A Warlock Bookmark Swag

$25 Promo copy of the new ebook box set for Beware of Warlocks Series

$75 Get a character named after you in the next novella: Beware of Vampire series

**All gifts are cumulative. So the more you donate, the more you get, folks. 😉

I’ll keep it going until it’s time for the write-a-thon. If I earn over the $275, that’s great. I’ll keep it open. So, this is a win win for everyone. I do love the way NaNo has helped with my word count speed and how they help support writing programs in schools and soon, in prisons. So, dig out that spare change and help support a writer, and help other writers in return.


NANO 2015: ALIVE TO WRITE ANOTHER DAY! Support Marilyn Vix to Write Dangerously 2015

Marilyn Vix writing dangerously at the annual 2014 NaNo Fundraiser in San Francisco, CA.

Marilyn Vix writing dangerously at the annual 2014 NaNo Fundraiser in San Francisco, CA.

On November 15, National Novel Writing Month will be bringing together the most mighty of endurance novelists for an event that will define our generation forever.

I’m speaking, of course, of NaNoWriMo’s Night of Writing Dangerously. It’s a write-a-thon, and it will take place at the beautiful Julia Morgan Ballroom in downtown San Francisco. With your help, I can be sitting in one of these empty seats, writing my heart out. Of course,  it’s my little heart that almost gave out on me last year. It is amazing that I’m still here to write at another NANO. In fact, I want to celebrate it by going to Writing Dangerously again this year.

Last year, I had the motto of Write or Death, Nano 2014. I almost did just that. I’ve been having to go through a lot of physical rehab and therapy, see lot’s of doctors, and just write to keep my sanity. When I got out of the hospital at the end of December, writing was a way to keep my mind busy and rehab my thinking abilities. Over the months, writing kept me sane. I’ll be continuing my rehab. and have taken a year off from my day job to regain my health and write. This event will be a highlight of my celebration of what I’ve done to heal myself. Writing has been a large part of it. And NaNo has really helped be a vehicle to motivate me now and in the past.

Some of you might remember some of the posts I was doing last year in regards to NANO. I tried it for the first time, and loved it. In fact, it has been keeping my sanity for the last year with all my health issues. With the Camp NANOs during the summer, it’s kept my writing on track. I’m now taking the year off and writing full time as I get my health under control.

So, I could really use your support to attend the write-a-thon. Last year, I got tons of writing done, had a lovely dinner, and enjoyed the company of fellow writers. I’d like to keep this going as a tradition. This year my motto is: I LIVED TO WRITE ANOTHER DAY NANO 2015.

Support Marilyn Vix to write another year during NANO 2015!

Support Marilyn Vix to write another year during NANO 2015!

LInk To Support Marilyn Vix for NANO 2015

My novel, Everything For Love is half done. I plan to finish it during NaNo along with starting the next series after Beware of Warlocks. It is Beware of Vampires, and will have Cassandra, Cat’s friend, as the heroine. So, there will be lots for me to write.

Attendees like me must raise $275 to get in the door, and from there, a rich array of prizes, delicious food, and sumptuous writing time awaits. But this is not about me getting a treat-filled night of literary abandon. This is about children and adults getting the encouragement, structure, and inspiration they need to achieve their creative potential. Proceeds from the event will fund National Novel Writing Month’s free creative writing programs in hundreds of schools and communities around the world. You know me. I’m a sucker for any thing that supports writing eduction. It’s the teacher in me.

NaNoWriMo does inspiration like nobody else (did I mention I’m writing an entire novel this November?). And on their behalf, I am asking you to donate. They really help motivate me to get the writing done. Nothing like a goal and some dazzling prizes to act like a carrot to motivate you to sit your butt in a chair and write. At this event, it’s sit in a chair and write, with candy, wine, and dinner. Nothing better. I would appreciate your support. Whether it’s $1, $5, $10 or any amount you wish, it will go to support NaNo. I also have participated in Camp NaNo for April and July. So, I find it is a fabulous way to get focused on writing your novel.

I’m taking an Advanced Fiction Writing class to gear up for NaNo 2015. So, I feel sharpening my writing tools will produce some fabulous writing. As a reader or follower, you will benefit by having new, awesome stories to read. You won’t be disappointed.


Thank you for supporting me in my novel-writing quest, and for helping National Novel Writing Month create a more engaged and inspiring world. And thank you for helping me to write another day!

Update: Winner for April CampNaNo

Winner of April CampNaNo 2015

Winner of April CampNaNo 2015

Ok, I did it! I made my 10,000 word goal for “Everything For Love”.  This puts me at 26,495 words for the manuscript. I’m trying to write my first full length novel, which would need to be around 50K. So, this puts me over 1/2 way through the novel. I’m also considering entering it in Kindle Scout. The word count for that needs to be at least 50K. So, I still have a fair way to go.

So, now I have to head to plan B. CampNaNo has gotten me a good way through the novel. But the middle to end I think is the hardest to write. I have an idea where to go, but I’m used to writing novellas. I need to make sure I flesh everything out. Keeping this in mind, I’ve signed up for a romance writing on-line course through my local junior college. CampNaNo is a great way to write or start a novel. But I need some hand holding and craft study to finish it.

So, I’m pretty happy to keep the momentum of my novel going. I’ll keep updating its progress over the next few months. If I end up posting it on Kindle Scout, I’ll need your support to vote it to be published. So, keep checking back. I’ll be counting on my pose. After all, you’re the reason I’m doing all this. A writer is nothing without their readers. Thank you for being there! You keep me going. -Marilyn

Camp NaNo Is In The House: Everything For Love Nearing Completion

During the month of April, write your chosen word count with the support of other writers.

During the month of April, write your chosen word count with the support of other writers.

I’ve been working on it for over a year. Now, it’s time to finish it. I’ve been telling all my fans and readers about the time travel romance that I’ve been working on. Well, it’s nearing completion. How? I’ve been working on it as my project for Camp NaNo.

If you’re a writer, you may know what this is. If you don’t, here is the details. National Writing Month is an event that happens in November. It’s a non-profit website that motivates writers to create a novel in a month, or basically write 50K. I participated last November and finished Never Cross A Warlock. 

Camp NaNo is a little different than the Big NaNo event in November. You can set your word count instead of the 50K. I’ve decided to set a reasonable word count that should finish my novel: 10,000 words. Plus, you are assigned to a cabin. It’s like an on-line writing group to share your ups and downs during the month. It’s so fabulous being able to share the process with writers in a similar genre.

So, I’ve got my next project up to finally finish, Everything For Love. I’ve been revealing info about this project slowly as I progress through it’s completion. Here is a sneak peek of the novel so far: Deirdre is a time researcher. Her job is to study people of the past in person. One benefit of her job, her time travel device runs off the one thing that can power it through out time, human intimacy.

We join her in her research in Paris in the late 1890s. Her current assignment, Henri Lautrec and the artists around him. Having wrapped up with that research, she jumps to London 1914. Problems arise and another agent has to help her. I won’t give too much more away yet. I’m still in the first draft process, so it could change over time.

Want to see the progress? Even check out Camp NaNo for yourself? Here is my camper profile and direct link to the information for the novel: Everything For Love. There is an excerpt and the cover. I would love any feedback. Feel free to leave comments on the blog. If you’re participating in Camp NaNo this year, send me a message. I love making friends. And if you are participating, best wishes in making that word count. If you want to find out more, go to Camp NaNo and check it out. It’s a great way to motivate. You still have half the month. So, there is still time to join in now. And most of all, keep writing!

Let The NaNo Race Begin

Marilyn Vix writing dangerously at the annual 2014 NaNo Fundraiser in San Francisco, CA.

Marilyn Vix writing dangerously at the annual 2014 NaNo Fundraiser in San Francisco, CA.


So, it’s the last week of November. I’ve been participating in NaNo 2014 for 3 weeks. In between, I’ve been working the day job, and writing as much as I can squeeze in. I managed to raise money for “The Night of Writing Dangerously” and wrote about 2K dressed up to the nines in film noir best. It was way too much fun to be dressed up, in the writing zone, and having a great time talking with other authors. Over 66,000 dollars was raised to help NaNo’s non-profit website and Young Writers program that helps support kids and classrooms to write around the world. NightDangerous

Let’s say many cat pictures were shared, candy consumed, and writing accomplished. I may not be close to ringing the 50K bell, but at least I’m getting writing done. I’ve got my butt in the chair, and Never Cross A Warlock is nearing its end. I’m wrapping up the series with this final episode, and participating in NaNo has really got myself into gear. Plus, it’s been a lot of fun.

The Night of Writing Dangerously 2014 NaNo Fundraising Write-A-Thon in San Francisco, CA

The Night of Writing Dangerously 2014 NaNo Fundraising Write-A-Thon in San Francisco, CA

Will I make it? I’m really not sure. When I’m done with Never Cross A Warlock, I’ll be working on the Time Travel Romance Novel. It moves a bit slower since it involves more research. But it has been sitting for a year. I need to attend to getting it done as well. We’ll see how far I get. If you want to check in and support, here is the NaNo website. If you’re participating, message me as a writing buddy. I wouldn’t mind a shoulder to cry on when I get stuck. And for me, the prize is in sight. I’m nearing the end of Never Cross A Warlock. It’s been so exciting just to be part of NaNo this month. That alone has been worth it. Anything to get that butt in a chair for an hour and write. Let’s say, this month has been one huge write-a-thon. Even if I don’t reach the 50k, I’m already a winner. I’ve been writing.