Ebook Deals and Novel Dreams: Nominate Everything For Love on Kindle Scout

Get Some Deals For The Holidays Nov 25-28

I’m participating in a Romance book fair over the Thanksgiving Holidays. There are over 30 romance books priced between $0.99-2.99. Everything from Historical Romance to Steampunk Fantasy. Find your next book boyfriend. When you visit, you can enter the contest for a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

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everything-thumbnailNominate Everything For Love 

Marilyn Vix’s first full length novel is up for consideration to be published by Kindle Press, Amazon’s ebook publishing house. It is listed through Amazon’s Kindle Scout program to be voted for publication. You can stop by the website, look over blurb and first two chapters, and make a nomination to see this new novel come to life.

**If you nominate, you get a free copy of the book when it is published through Amazon.

Link to Everything For Love on Kindle Scout:

A message from Marilyn:
“I’ve been working for three years on this novel. I can’t wait to share it with you. It’s a time travel romance. I had to research 19th century and early 20th century artists, and Victorian London. It was truly a labor of love. Please check out the profile for Everything For Love on Kindle Scout, and consider nominating it to be published.” -Marilyn

Happy Thanksgiving and have a great Holiday season!

KDrama Drinking Game

kdramasruleSo, those of you that know and follow me probably have seen a lot of my posts about my interest in Korean dramas (Kdramas) and writing fanfiction for them. In fact, I had a Harlequin editor interested in my kdrama fanfiction on Wattpad too. (Of course, I’ve sent in a proposal and I’m still waiting to hear back. Cross your fingers.) But as I’ve been passing time over the last year recovering from my medical issues, I’ve become quite addicted to watching them. It was only natural I would start writing in regards to them, especially since I’ve been exploring with fan fiction. (For those that don’t know, the successful book Fifty Shades of Grey started on Wattpad as Twilight fan fiction.)

So, I was watching my current Kdrama, My Unfortunate Boyfriend, when I started thinking about how many similar tropes there are in most of the Kdramas. Besides having  a lot of romance novel structure, they tend to have some events or tropes that happen in every drama. How much fun would it be to have a list that when watching a Kdrama, you could take a drink every time you saw a trope typical for Kdramas? I thought, hmm, that’s a great idea. Thus, the Kdrama Drinking Game was born.

I’ve listed 10 different tropes that tend to happen in all the Kdramas I’ve watched so far. So, print out the list or have it set on your phone/laptop. Pour your favorite glass of wine or other tasty adult beverage, and watch your Kdrama. Every time you see one of the following 10 things happen in a scene, take a drink. Have fun!

(Note: MC=Main Character)

  1. MC girl rides on the back of the MC boy.
  2. Either MC falls accidentally on top of the other.
  3. Either MC yells or gets mad at the other.
  4. MCs are stuck together in a mysterious house, room, pit, bunker or IE> are trapped together in some way. Bonus Drink: There is a storm going on outside.
  5. MCs have their first kiss.
  6. MCs have any kiss.
  7. MC male lead takes off his shirt and shows off his amazing torso. (Heck, rewind and watch again and have a double.)
  8. MC male lead catches the MC female lead while she falls for any reason. (Fainting and tripping are the biggies. Extra drink if she falls for a reason other than these two.)
  9. Flashback of either MC. Bonus drink: If the flashback is with both MCs together.
  10. Either MC lead cooks for the other.

This is just the list I came up with. I’m sure there are more that can be added. If you think I missed a good one, feel free to write it into the comments section and I can add it onto the master list.

So, now that I’ve got that out of my system, time to get back to my NaNoWriMo 2016 writing. Enjoy your Kdrama! -Marilyn




My 2016 NaNoWriMo Plan

nanowrimo_2016_webbadge_participant-200So, I’m doing National Writing Month (NaNoWriWo) for the third time this year. I have to say, my word count hasn’t been what I had hoped. But then, I didn’t like the push and stress last year to make the 50K. I did win last year, finishing the full 50K on Nov. 29. But it was just to see if I could do it.

This year I’m feeling very different about it. I have gone to the Night of Writing Dangerously for two years in a row. I really enjoyed being with other writers and dressing up to write for the evening. It was a nice outing and a lot of fun. But this year, I feel, been there, done that. It was exciting to be a part of it. Now, I feel I just have to do this writing thing at my own speed. And so, I guess that has been why I have been approaching NaNo differently this year.

There is a lot of stress of pushing for word count daily. And I’ve gotten into a routine of at least one daily writing session of at least an hour a day. I could push to try to do two a day, but the stress got to me a bit last year. I also lost my dear cat right at the end of NaNo last year. So, this year, my heart might not have been fully in it as the last two years.

But I found NaNo has really helped get my word writing speed up and get a writing routine started. I’m finding that the once a day sprints I’m doing is giving me 800-1400 words a day. That seems to be a normal writing speed I’m comfortable with. And it’s good writing that I can use later. I won’t throw it away. I’ll edit the crap out of it, of course, but not throw it away. I’ll even count this blog post word count for NaNo. I count everything I work on this whole month. I usually line up several projects I want to work on or finish. So, it’s a whole month of getting some serious writing done for me. I focus on the creative, first draft writing to get those projects finished I need to.

I really also enjoy sharing the experience with other writers and writing in unison all month. It’s like a whole month where I just do rough drafts. So, it’s almost like a celebration of writing all through November. Where else can writers come together and celebrate and share in something they love to do. All the support, Tweets and memes on Twitter, supportive messages through the website, and seeing my word count go up all month really is a worth while experience to still do. Except I’m going to do it my way this year.

So, if you would like to still join in the NaNo challenge even though it’s Nov. 12, just join up and start writing. Don’t worry about finishing the 50K. Just worry about doing some writing each day, and see what you are able to do by the end of the month. You might surprise yourself.

If you’ve been doing NaNo this year or decide to join in because of my post, please let me know in the comment section. Love to see what word count you are up to.

National Novel Writing Month Website

Marilyn Vix’s NaNo Profile: Request to be my buddy once you sign up!

My word count as of this post so far this month: 9,451


Currently on Kindle Scout for nomination Nov. 9-Dec. 9, 2016

***Note: My NaNoWriMo Winning Novel from last year is up on Kindle Scout for nominations. I spent a year editing it and getting it ready for this moment. So, I’d appreciate any support and interest you may favor.

Kindle Scout is the program that Amazon has set up to receive possible manuscripts for their ebook imprint: Kindle Press. They get feedback from the public on what novels should be published.

So, please stop by, look over my novel Everything For Love‘s profile, and consider nominating it for publication. It’s a next step you can do after you complete your novel during NaNoWriMo.

Link to Everything For Love Profile on Kindle Scout

Happy Writing!




Kindle Scout Campaign for Everything For Love Launches Today!


Nominate Everything For Love at Kindle Scout!

Well folks, the only thing making me feel better tonight now that the US Presidential election is over, besides the wine and chocolate, is that my Kindle Scout Campaign just went live on Kindle Scout. This will definitely make your vote count! And I’d so appreciate your support!

I mulled it over, and figured out that Kindle Press is a great fit for me. There is the option to self-publish my print edition, and the push of Amazon marketing if my book is chosen. So, I know a lot of you have been waiting a long time to see this book. Now, you can make it happen. All you need to do is go to the Kindle Scout Website Profile for Everything For Love. While there, you can enjoy the first two chapters of the novel with an on-line excerpt.

If you’re not familiar with Kindle Scout, it took the place of Amazon’s Breakout Novel contest that they held once a year. They changed it over to a monthly submission contest where readers on Amazon and fans of the author can check out the new novel up for submission. Your vote, or nomination, let’s the editors know that there is a demand for the novel. Plus, the turn around is pretty quick. If Everything For Love is picked, it will be published in about two months as an ebook . So, you’ll get your free copy as a nominator as soon as it’s out through Amazon. Not bad? Free copy, and knowing you helped get a book published. Nothing like making your effort count!

Here is the link:


Thank you to all  my fans over the last several years for your encouragement and support!



To Launch A Time Travel Romance On Wattpad or Not? Need Feedback!


Cover reveal of Marilyn Vix’s secret Time Travel Novel “Everything For Love”

So, I’m playing around with a wild idea after going over and looking at the Watty Winners. I’ve been looking at one of the winners, Rob Thier, has done with his stories. He’s self-published them on KDP and Smashwords, and is currently a Watty 2016 Winner for his second book in his series. His first book, Storm and Silence, is currently up for a Goodreads Reading award. No small accomplishments for a German guy living in a small village. Incredible and very inspirational really.

So, I have an entire Time Travel Romance novel done. Finished. I’ve been shopping it around, and have been getting rejections. I’m this close to a possible Kindle Scout launch, or maybe posting it Chapter by Chapter on Wattpad over the next several months. It would end with an eventual self-publishing of it on Amazon and possibly Smashwords.

So, not sure where to go with this. It is a lot steamier than I have with my other novel “Saving My Heart” on Wattpad. It would have to be listed 18+ on Wattpad. I would have to check into how to stop it from 13+ from reading. Or might just do Kindle Scout for that reason. I don’t want to edit the steaminess out since it does create the bonding of the characters and move the story forward, as well it should. I mean, it takes place in Victorian Paris and London. And she powers her time machine by sex. So, kind of have to let that stand in the novel.

It’s like 65K. I’ve had some promising interest from two small presses, but had them reject it. So, I’m bringing the conversation to you, my blog readers, what do you think? What would be of interest to you? Please comment below. If there are people that want to read this, and are interested, I would consider send it out now. I’m just trying to decide which is the better option, Kindle Scout or Wattpad. Thank you ahead of time. -Marilyn