Paranormal Investigation Tours

Greetings and welcome. Since I’ve begun dabbling and exploring into paranormal investigating, it’s taken me on a long journey to many different and unique sites: The Whaley House, The Queen Mary, a haunted store in Soquel, CA, and Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum. So, I’ve decided to share the information I’ve been learning in the form of basic ghost hunting equipment and a chance to try it all out, tours to try out your ghost hunting skills.

My next appearance will be at: Mystical Minds Convention on Feb. 19th-20th, 2022. I’ll be giving a talk on the Basics of Ghost Hunting Equipment on Saturday, Feb. 19th at 2:30pm.

Tickets to the con available here.

In the evening, I’ll be leading an investigation at the Winchester Mystery House on their Flashlight Tour at 10pm. It’s a chance to get into one of the famous locations in the world and to investigate it yourself. Please bring you’re own equipment if you have it. It does cost money to buy a ticket since it is a type of tour by WMH. Here is a basic low down of what will be happening:

The Winchester Mystery House (Taken by Marilyn Vix, 2018)

Join Marilyn Vix for a Flashlight Investigation tour at the Winchester Mystery House on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2022 at 10pm. Tickets are available online through the WMH website. There is a limit of up to 10 people at each tour time, but there are other available times before and after to accommodate if 10 p.m. fills up.

It is a self-guided tour of the house, with tour guides stationed through out to answer questions. Caution is advised for people that may have difficulty going up and down stairs, because of the unusual structure within the building. The house is dimly lit through the tour and they request no individual flashlights needed.

Outside the Winchester Mystery House (Taken by Marilyn Vix, 2022)

Paranormal equipment can be used as follows: Night vision cameras should be handheld only. Video recording is allowed as long as no full-length recording is done of the tour itself. No tripods or selfie sticks. EMF meters and digital recorders okay. Spirit boxes or other sound creating devices need to have headphones so they don’t interfere with the tour. Large bags or backpacks are not allowed on the tour. COVID-19 masking is required for the tour even with vaccination.

Hope to see you come out for this incredible opportunity to investigate the Winchester Mystery House. If you have any questions about this investigation tour, please ask Tiffany Turner at her table or during her Basic Ghost Hunting Equipment Talk on Saturday afternoon at 2:30pm at the Mystical Minds Convention. Or please send a message through this website here.

Link to purchase tickets for the Flashlight Tour:

  • Choose the Flashlight Tour from the list of tours available.
  • Choose 10pm as your time slot. If full, feel free to pick a time slot before or near this time.

More information on the Winchester Mystery House, here is the main website link.