Last Day: Valentine’s Romance Deals $0.99 & New Releases

valentineromancebanner2Today is the last day for all the Valentine’s Day deals. Several titles from 15 different romance authors are on sale until the end of today. Plus, several new releases to get you in the mood this Valentine’s Day. Help celebrate love today! Enjoy! -Marilyn

Master List for Romance New Releases and Deals Feb. 10-14


  • Marilyn Vix

everything-thumbnailGenre: Time Travel Romance NEW RELEASE

Everything For Love: Time Rogues Book 1 ($3.99)


Genre: Erotic Romantic Novella

Thankful In Vegas ($0.99)



  • Holly Dodd

givingitupGenre: New Adult Erotic Romance

Giving It Up ($0.99)


  • Elena Bryce

guardiangraylGenre: Time Travel Romance

Guardian of the Grail (Immortal Blood Book 1) ($0.99)


Guardian of the Spear (Immortal Blood Book 2)(NEW RELEASE) ($3.99)


  • Laura Greenwood

dryadspawprintGenre: Paranormal Romance NEW RELEASE

The Dryad’s Pawprint (Paranormal Council Book 1) ($0.99)



  • Lisa Maliga

macaronsloveGenre: Cozy Mystery Romance

Macrons of Love (The Yolanda’s Yummery Series Book 4) ($0.99)


  • Mari Oliver

kissmeGenre: Historical Romance (20th Century) NEW RELEASE

Kiss Me Again ($0.99)


  • Grace Risata

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Comedy Romance NEW RELEASE

Ungranted Wishes: An Erotic Paranormal BBW Comedy Romance ($0.99)


  • Julianne Q. Johnson

descendingGenre: Romance Action/Adventure NEW RELEASE

Descending ($0.99)


  • Paige Hammonds

yourmineGenre: Parnormal Wolf Shifter Romance NEW RELEASE

You’re Mine, Valentine (A BBW Paranormal Wolf Shifter Novelette) ($0.99)


  • Marianne Sciucco

hydrangeasGenre: Contemporary Romance

Blue Hydrangeoas, an Alzheimer’s love story ($0.99)


  • Celeste Wells

navysealGenre: Contemporary Military Romance

The Touch of a Navy Seal: A Military Romance Novella ($0.99)




  • Jones

Genre: Romantic Suspense

The Secret Affair ($0.99)


  • L. Miller

Genre: Sports Romance

Off The Playbook (A Novella) ($0.99)


  • Ally Decker

Genre: Romantic Suspense

By Your Rules (NYC Fixers Book 1) ($0.99)



  • Jesse G. Talbot

Genre: Sweet YA Holiday Romance NEW RELEASE

The Kid’s Table ($0.99)


Last Day: Free romance ebook gifts during Christmas Promo

This is the last day of the Christmas Gift promo. Three romance ebooks are on free discount for only one more day. One title is deeply discounted to $0.99. Today is the last day to download these deals, and then they return back to normal. Load your new ebook readers with awesome romance.


Everything For Love planned for release end of January 2017.

I’ve included my title, Thankful In Vegas, co-authored with Lynda Belle. I hope you enjoy this frisky Vegas tale. It feels like it may be the start of more, since I’m curious to see what happens with Dex and Fran. I’ll have to get back to you on that. I’ve been working on getting my next release, Everything For Love, to release at the end of January. So, this is a free gift to wet your appetite until then.

You all have a great start to your New Year! -Marilyn

  • Miriam Rosenbaum

marblemasqueradeGenre: Paranormal Romance

The Marble Masquerade-Remnants of the Past (FREE)

Amazon Link:

Books To Read:


  • Akaria Gale

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Brief Awakenings: Awakening Series Shorts (FREE)


  • Marilyn Vix and Lynda Belle

thankfulvegasfinalthumbGenre: Contemporary Romance

Thankful In Vegas (FREE)


  • Jessa Chase

myheartGenre: Contemporary Romance

My Heart, My Home (Love In Madelia: Book One) ($0.99)



Special Christmas Gift: Romance Deals For You!

romance-holiday-dealsI wanted to give a gift to my followers this year. So, I’ve rounded up some of my romance author friends to bring you the ultimate romance reader gift: FREE ROMANCE EBOOKS! Plus, $0.99 discounts for some titles are included. Enjoy paranormal to contemporary titles as a gift for yourself this year! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! -Marilyn

Romance Christmas Promo Master List:

  • Miriam Rosenbaum

Genre: Paranormal Romance

The Marble Masquerade-Remnants of the Past (FREE)

Amazon Link:

Books To Read:


  • Akaria Gale

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Brief Awakenings: Awakening Series Shorts (FREE)


  • Marilyn Vix and Lynda Belle

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Thankful In Vegas (FREE)


  • Jessa Chase

Genre: Contemporary Romance

My Heart, My Home (Love In Madelia: Book One) ($0.99)


My Birthday Present To You: A Cat For Two For Free 8/19-21

birthdaytomeSo, my birthday is on Sunday, Aug. 21st. I’ve set up a present for everyone. Yup, my birthday, but you get the present. It’s my spicy romantic short I wrote with Lynda Belle on Amazon. It’s a Kindle Unlimited title. So, you can only get it on Amazon. Sorry. But that’s why this is such a cool, limited time offer. Normally it’s $2.99. So, if you got a Kindle and want a cozy, cute romance with a kitty, here’s the link:


Marilyn Vix’s romantic short with Lynda Belle is free from Aug. 19-21.

Lynda and I are also talking about doing a second short about one of my characters in the Beware of warlocks series, Liam, the hot Irish male exotic dancer. So stayed tuned. It looks like it will be the second in her Erotic Fay Tales. The first release in the series is out now. It’s called Seduction Of A Highlander. Check it out here:

So, have a fabulous weekend. Enjoy my present to you!


My Valentine’s Day Gift To You: New Release Co-Written with Lynda Belle



This Valentine’s Day, I have co-written a sweet and spicy romanctic short with Lynda Belle called “A Cat For Two”. I’ve gone through some hard times with the loss of my muse and pet, Samantha. So, it’s not surprising my first romantic erotic short collaboration involved a cat. Lynda loved the idea, and took over all the hot scenes. It’s sizzling folks. And of course, a cat is the connecting point for the two main characters.


Available on Amazon for a limited time at $0.99

Felicia Bennett was out living her dream. She was going to be a writer for one year.

Leaving behind a cheating husband, she moves to the Sierra Nevada Mountains to write. She is hoping inspiration will strike her while renting a cabin in the woods.

Instead, a cat enters her life. She feeds her newfound friend only to discover his owner is the gorgeous Marc Fielding. Can a conversation lead to more? Will Felicia be able to open her heart to it?

This first collaborative sweet and spicy short will be on a special discount for a limited time only at $0.99.


A very HAPPY VALENTINE’S Day to you! -Love, Marilyn



Audiobook for Beware of Warlocks Box Set Released

It’s here. The audiobook of the Beware of Warlocks series is finally out! It was a joy working with my narrator/producer on, Nastasia Lacayo. She had the right voice that fits Cat perfectly. The last few months preparing and getting this ready for you all has been grueling. But it is finally here. After two years of writing the novelettes and editing the box set, it’s available. The work that goes into making a product of this sort is a learning and growing process. I’d like to thank everyone from my editor Shelley Hollaway, to my beta readers Lisa Frogjourney and Lady Trish MacDonald for all of the work that has turned this into a fabulous paranormal romance series. There is more to come too.cropped-beware-of-warlocks-box-set-3d.jpg

Link to Audible!   Link to Amazon!

Link to Itunes!

Now, it’s time to party! On Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016, there will be a Facebook Release party to celebrate the release of the audiobook. Come by and enjoy chatting with me and Nastasia. Ask us questions about the process of creating this audiobook, to what’s it like to play in Vegas.

steamtiffNo accident the setting is in Vegas for this series. I love to play there! I just got back from a Steampunk conference there and I’m going back in April for a writing conference. Las Vegas keeps calling me back. I can’t stay away. I’m so looking forward to creating more adventures for Cat and her friend Cassandra. I’m working on the next series, Beware of Vampires. Cassandra is the main character, with Cat as her wingwoman. It’s going to take a witch’s help to get Cassandra out of the trouble she’s getting in.

Join me tomorrow, Feb. 3, on Facebook for the big party. Would love to see you there.



Wattpad Promo Opportunity: Wattpad Block Party Winter Edition II


Wattpad Block Party Winter Edition

The Wattpad Block Party runs Feb. 1-29 with over 100 authors.

I’ve talked about some of the fun things I’ve done on Wattpad over the last year. From writing a new adult novel to participating in the different Wattpad writing contests, I’ve found there is no end to things you can do on Wattpad to support your writing. Now, I’ve found a great way to engage your followers once you’ve got some projects up for them to read. It’s an author organized promotional event. I’m currently participating in the Wattpad Block Party. Here’s how it works.

The Wattpad Block Party is an author event that is run by @KellyAnneBlount. She’s put together a fabulous way to promote yourself on Wattpad and beyond. For the entire month of February, authors will be posting daily in the Wattpad Block Party interviews, blog posts, behind the scenes, and all sorts of fun info to engage readers on Wattpad. There are over 100 authors involved, and even a ton of giveaways. The prizes range from being named after a character in a chapter, receiving a critique on Wattpad, having a chapter dedicated to you, to ebooks from different authors.

Of course, to get this involved you need content. So, it’s best to find these author events after you’ve got some stories up on Wattpad. But once you get some content up, it’s great to participate in these kinds of author organized parties.

If you’d like to check out the event, here is the link. All the information is posted in a book on Wattpad. Events run every 6 months. I had to sign up a while back, and I’m very excited to be part of this one. I’ve done other author promos with authors from my writing board,, even organizing blog tours of my own. I know they can be a lot of fun, and the cross pollination of readers is a win win for everyone involved. Readers get to discover more authors, and the authors gain more followers.

To find out more about the Wattpad Block Party Winder Edition II: CLICK HERE!

To find out more about Marilyn Vix on Wattpad: CLICK HERE!