Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2016: Day 5 Sneak Peeks and Discounts

prblogtour2016finalGreetings everyone! Welcome to the last day of the Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2016. Today, I have a sneak peek on the sequel to the Beware of Warlocks series. This new series, called Beware of Vampires, will involve the mortal friend of Catherine, Cassandra. The whole gang of folks are still hanging out in Vegas, and everyone is pairing up, even Jeff’s sister has Elvis. But Cassandra is the lone wolf. Until she meets, Rick.

Before the sneak peek, here is a listing of discounts from the authors. Thank you for stopping by this whole week. The giveaway will be open until Oct. 31. So, people stopping by during the weekend can still enjoy all the information and enter. Have a happy and safe Halloween! -Marilyn



The Beware of Warlocks Box Set is available on for only $1.99 for limited time. Reg. price: $14.95


1) Marilyn Vix’s Audiobook for the Beware of Warlocks Box Set

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And now, here is a scene from the new book. I hope you enjoy!

The following excerpt is from Beware of Vampires #1: Never Date A Vampire

©Marilyn Vix, 2016

Copyright under Marilyn Vix, 2016. All rights reserved.

Catherine pulled into the Stratosphere’s valet parking. Even the valets were impressed with the car as they drove up. Jeff got out, and opened the doors so Elvis and his sister could get out. Catherine opened her door for me.
I took a moment to look up at the amazing amount of lights twinkling above my head. There is one thing to be said for Vegas, it is never dull. Besides the fact it has more lights blinging itself up than anywhere else in the world. I followed all of them into the casino entrance. The bling, bling of slot machines greeted us as we walked into the Stratosphere. I looked around at people standing by slots. We kept along the path through the casino and people sitting at tables came into view. The tables seemed enticing. I hadn’t even tried my luck at anything yet. Maybe I’d have to give it a go later.
Catherine led the group through the casino and onward toward the mall. I piped up. “Are we going shopping?”

“No. This is the way up to the best place to celebrate. We’re going to the Top of the World.”

I nodded. I trusted her after all. Elvis was walking next to me. Her turned and said, “You been in the Stratosphere yet?”

“No. I haven’t seen much of the city yet. I was staying mostly in my hotel room unless Rich took me out.”

“That’s a crime.” Elvis shook the hand of Jeff’s sister. “After this, I know a few local places I’d like to show you.”

“Do you have a name?”

“Not while in costume, babe. Just call me Elvis.” He caught people looking our direction. “It destroys the illusion I worked so hard to create.”
We got in line to go up to the top of the Stratosphere. After being frisked for security, we crowded into an elevator and got whisked to the top. Walking out, Catherine led us around to the bar that was on the viewing platform. “Drinks are on me,” she announced when we got to the bar. I smiled to the gorgeous bartender that winked back at me.

His blonde hair and defined chest drew my eye that I almost didn’t notice when he asked, “What do you want?”

“I have a tall order for you. But I think you can only give me a margarita.”

“Sure thing.” He tapped the bar and moved over to the ice bin to fill up the blender. I turned with my back to the bar to take in the view. Out before me was a view of the Strip. Small minions of society trolled along like ants below me. At my feet was all of Vegas. I knew that this was the start of something. I may be alone, but I had my dignity, and the chance to start over. It was enough.

“Here you go.” I felt the cold of a glass. The bartender bumped my elbow with my drink to get my attention. “Thanks.” I took the straw in my mouth and watched his eyes linger on me as I sucked. I licked my lips after for emphasis.

He leaned on the bar towards me. “You seem to be the one in your bunch alone.”

“Yes. It’s just me now. I just broke up with someone.” I left out the fact that it was my best friend’s ex-husband. “It’s why I need the drink.”

“This is the best town to find someone else. Even if it’s just on the rebound. Have faith in Vegas.” He moved away, and I was left with my thoughts. Maybe he was right. This was the town to get lucky in.

Filled with new hope, I sipped my margarita and tried to listen to the conversation between my friends. But my mind couldn’t focus on what they were saying. Most of it was what they were going to do together in town. I thought came to me. I wanted to try my luck downstairs after all. “Hey guys, I’m going to go to the casino and see what damage I could do at the tables.”

Catherine looked away from her conversation with Jeff. “Try blackjack. It’s the best way to beat the odds in Vegas. Have you played before?”

I nodded. “My uncle showed me the basics when I was 13. I’m guessing the game hasn’t changed that much since I learned it. He worked as a security guard in Reno. He also taught me progressive betting.”

“That sounds about right. You want me to go downstairs and keep you company?” Catherine moved a little towards me.

“No. I think I want to try my luck on my own.”

“Okay. We’ll be here when you’re done. If not here, try the restaurant on the next floor up.”
I nodded and got up. With margarita in hand, I braved my way to the elevator to face the blackjack tables. I wandered through the mall back to the casino, and headed to the tables. Scouting for an open seat, I checked out the minimums at the tables. I wanted a $5 minimum to make progressive betting work for me. As you win a hand, you increase by $5 until reaching a $25 bet, and then you go back down to $5. It was a way to win at blackjack, but you had to be patient in your play. I usually would double my money in a 1-2 hour period. Like I said, patience.

I located a table with an open seat near the front of the deal order. That’s another thing I was looking for. If you were too far down the table, someone could take your card. So, I sat between a man absorbed in the cards, and a lady decked out in her Vegas finest. You needed sunglasses to look at her with all the sparkle and flash she was wearing all over her tank top, sequined hat, and belted shorts.

I put $100 bucks on the table, and the dealer welcomed me with a smile. He didn’t make a real connection. I didn’t expect more than a nod, because too much attention would look like trouble to the pit boss. But he seemed attentive at least. I didn’t believe in true luck. It was all about the cards in the end. And it would get my mind off of being the only one not paired up.

I got into the game, deciding between the face cards and lower cards whether to hit or hold. After an hour of play, I was fairly ahead, had one free rum and coke after my finished margarita, and was getting in the playing zone when the man next to me got up and another took his place.

At first, I didn’t really look over. I was concentrating. Then, I heard his voice. It was accented, but I couldn’t place him. He sounded not from the U.S. When I took a side glance, I had to swallow. He was gorgeous. In fact, he was so good looking, I was wondering if he was going to distract me from my game. Her green eyes danced with sparkle when he looked sideways at me.

I nodded back. This should be fun. A little eye candy was going to be a welcome neighbor.

He hit his card, and got 20. I got 16 and held. The dealer went around the table until everyone was done with their hand or busted. When the dealer went to hit his cards, he got 19. I slumped when he took my bet.

“You know, you could have taken one more card and at least pushed on that hand.” His r’s rolled off his tongue. It had a vibrating feel to it. My body reacted to his voice, feeling a pulse to his tone.

I swallowed again. “Well, I was taught to hold on 16.” Okay. He was definitely distracting.

“Who taught you?” He placed his bet down. $100. Wow. I was a small time player, not placing big bets. $100 wasn’t probably the biggest bet in Vegas, but it was big for me.

“My uncle.”

He looked at me. His smile melted my insides. “Let’s see how well he taught you.”

I placed my bet, taking it back down to $5 since I’d lost.

He looked over my chips. His eyebrow went up. “Playing cautious, I see.”


“You come to Vegas often?”
“Not nearly as much as I’d like. This is really the first time I’ve been here.”

“You sure don’t seem like it is. Are you trying to play coy?”

“Really. Honest. My uncle taught me, and he’s from Reno. I’ve been there a couple of times.”

“Oh, I see.” He flipped his hand for another card. He got an Ace of Clubs to go with his Queen of Hearts. The table cheered. His smile lit his face again, and my stomach turned to jello.

I turned to him with a wink. “Now, if I could just get one of those.”

“You never know. Could be your lucky night.”

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt from Never Date a Vampire: Beware of Vampires #1.

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Have a fabulous and safe Halloween! -Marilyn


Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2016 Day 4: Book Review of Claire Daly: Reluctant Soul Saver

Welcome to Day 4 of the Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2016. Today I am reviewing one of the participating authors in the blog tour this week, Michele Brouder’s book Claire Daly: Reluctant Soul Saver.  

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00027]

Michele Brouder creates a DaVinci Code YA with a love laced mystery.

Claire Daly is a typical, geeky Irish teenager. Her only wish is to make it through her bookshop-job-working-summer so she can start going to college to become a librarian. If she gets up the nerve to tell the boy next door she is in love with him, even better. But when an accident at a holy well reveals she has mysterious powers only worthy of a group called the Illuminatae, her world is turned upside down.

Suddenly, her family is at risk by the Unholy, the group that hunt down and try to stop budding Illuminatae. Her mysterious aunt arrives to help her train against these forces. They are trying to stop her from reaching her full potential. But will she be able to have enough confidence and interest in her new life as an Illuminatae before she has to face the forces of Hell?

Wow! This book really sucked me in. I really enjoyed the setting in Ireland. I’ve visited twice now. It’s such a beautiful country. There were references to Imperial soap and other things that make me know the author either has visited or been to Ireland.

The whole Illuminatee twist is interesting too. I love anything that has a strong woman with superpowers. It reminded me of The DaVinci Code with a love triangle laced through. The theme of good versus evil  and questioning ones faith mirrored Dan Brown’s book. Overall, I’d recommend it for someone that wants a little faith in their paranormal read.

**** 4 Star Rating

**Available at as a Kindle Unlimited title.

Tomorrow, will be the wrap up for the blog tour. Stop by for some sneak peeks of my current projects. Until then, enjoy visiting the other participating websites for book reviews of other participating authors’ paranormal romances.

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Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2016 Day 3: Author Interview with Virginia Hunter

prblogtour2016finalWelcome to Day 3 of the Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2016. Today, each author will be posting an author interview of one of the participating authors. Visit all the websites to get the full experience of the tour. Tomorrow, come back for book reviews of each of the featured books.

For my interview, I had the pleasure of being able to have the conversation with Virginia Hunter. Her book series, The Coven’s Grove Chronicles, is also a witch series. It was awesome to see more of this niche genre in paranormal breaking out. I absolutely loved “Bewitched” as a kid, and always took the road that witches were not evil, but just misunderstood, powerful women. I really enjoyed talking to Virginia, and sharing about our projects.

How did you get the idea for your current book?


Virginia Hunter is the author of the Coven’s Grove Chronicles.

Virginia Hunter: I love all things Halloween! Witches are powerful women. Books about them seemed like a good idea and they have been fun to write. They have been. The outline for the first 13 books just seemed to write themselves. If all goes well I’d like to go back and write each of the girls their own trilogy, but I’m playing that by ear at the moment.

What inspirational advice would you give a new paranormal romance writer?

Virginia Hunter: Just do it! No excuses. Just make sure to spend the money on an editor and pay to have it formatted. Everything I read on all the writers boards said to do those things if you didn’t want to get bad reviews. So I did. Mostly because I didn’t want to tempt fate as a new author.

Who inspired you the most to become a writer?

Virginia Hunter: My husband. He writes epic fantasy. After he released his first two books he was the one that convinced me to give it a shot.

What is your favorite Halloween memory?

Virginia Hunter: I have so very many! My husband and I have been throwing a themed Halloween party every year for the past twenty years or so. We’ve done so many themes I don’t think I could pick just one. This year was pirates, and everyone looked great. We’ve also done voodoo, day of the dead, steampunk, vampires just to name a few lol. My son loves Halloween as much as I do. He’s 17 now and doesn’t look to stop enjoying it anytime soon. That, of course, makes me extremely happy.

What current projects are you working on?

Virginia Hunter: Currently, I am working on the next book in The Coven’s Grove Chronicles: Paige. Paige is a witch that can see and communicate with spirits. It’s more scary than the other’s I’ve written, but like with all current projects it is my current favorite 🙂

Be sure to visit the other participating authors’ websites to see all the other author interviews!

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See you tomorrow for a book review of Michele Brouder’s book, Clare Daly: Reluctant Soul Saver!

Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2016 Day 2 Behind the Scenes: The Importance of a Cat Muse

prblogtour2016finalWelcome to the second day of the PR blog tour 2016. Last year, I discussed my kitty muse, Samantha. I talked about how much she was a support, joked about her being my kitty editor, and shared how much joy there is in owning a black cat. It is with a heavy heart that I am following that post up with the sad news of Kitty Samantha’s passing.


Samantha in the hospital fighting her kidney failure. It was her heart that gave out in the end.

I know we did everything to keep her going, and she fought the good fight. But in the end, there is something about letting go. I was holding her as she was struggling to breath. When I said, “I’m here, Samantha.” She felt comfortable to let go, and took her last breath. She knew I was with her, and my husband was beside her. We gave her the best life we could, and I will never forget her.

It was the most awful moment. The thing you dread the most with an old cat had happened. December 7, 2015 started with her passing at 7am. I was up all night, but we still drove out to have her cremated and placed in a black cat urn. I was numb for most of December, and celebrated the holidays with little excitement.

That brings me to what happens next. My husband is allergic to cats, and Samantha’s fur seemed to not be as bad. But he did insist on getting a hypoallergenic cat. So, we got ourselves on a list to get a Siberian bred kitten. After 9 months of waiting, we were finally able to pick her out at the end of August. In fact, I think she picked us out. And guess what, she’s a black cat too.

Catherine Zeta Jones picked us. Of all the kittens playing around my husband and I, she was the one that seemed the most interested in us. She kept coming back. I kept thinking, I don’t know if I can have another black cat. It will remind me too much of Samantha. But then I turned, and saw my husband’s face.

He was in love with the little kitten playing in his lap. I would have to try to convince him she wasn’t the right kitten, and to look at some of the others. But then I looked at her. She was a spitfire like my Samantha, except with longer fur and a slightly longer nose. She had spunk. And my husband had already fallen for her. You can’t argue with that.


Catherine Zeta Jones patrolling her inherited cat territory.

So, I have a new cat muse in my life. She runs all over the house, jumps on my laptop when I’m writing, and just ran up a tree today getting sap all in her fur. She is a bundle of joy.

I know when I didn’t have a cat around to write, my craft suffered. It was hard to be creative. I even wrote a cat story with Lynda Belle since I missed having a cat so much. LINK HERE TO A CAT FOR TWO.

Now that I have a cat again, I feel life is back in balance. She’s my little touch stone, and her cute kitten meow warms my heart. It is hard getting used to a kitten after having an old lady cat, but sometimes life is just full of those kind of ups and downs.

Kitten hood happens only once. So, I’m taking lots of pictures, video, and documenting like crazy. My writing is back on track. I’ve submitted a proposal to Harlequin, and I’m starting NaNo with Beware of Vampires, the sequel to the Beware of Warlocks series. Plus, my health is doing better.

There is nothing better than a cat muse. They are a writer’s best tool. After this last year of not having a cat muse, I so understand their power. They calm and support us in ways that are hard to explain. Her purr helps me deal with bad reviews, low sale days, and gets me in the zone to write some more. I guess there is no better editor around than a cat muse. She spurs me on when I feel I can’t give more. Her purr and laying near me is her encouragement to keep going.

But of course, it’s taking a while to train my new cat muse. But then, it’s hard to get a cat to do exactly what you want. I’ll settle for her just being around me. And that can make the difference.


***There is still time to go over and check out what the other authors have posted behind the scenes today. Here are their websites:

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See you tomorrow for an author interview with Virginia Hunter!




Paranormal Romance Blog 2016 Tour: Day 1

prblogtour2016finalWELCOME! Everyone to the first day of the Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2016. Let the festivities begin! Today kicks off the Paranormal Blog Tour Day 1 in which it’s time to say “Hi” to all of the fabulous paranormal authors joining me in this week of fantastic book deals, giveaways, interviews, book reviews and general fun! So without waiting any longer, here are all of the fabulous participating authors and their websites to visit daily this week:


Participating Authors:


  • Giveaway Links List for Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2016:

1) Marilyn Vix’s Giveaway:


More to come in the days ahead. Book mark and come back daily for author interviews, book reviews, and behind the scenes look at writing.

Here is the schedule:

Mon 10/24 List of Authors/Giveaways posted

Tues. 10/25 Behind the Scenes Blog posts by participating authors

Wed. 10/26 Author Interview Day-all blogs will have an interview of a participating author posted.

Thurs. 10/27 Book Review Day-all blogs will have a book review of a participating author’s featured book.

Fri. 10/28 Sneak Previews of Books/Cover Reveals/Closing of Blog Tour-Last chance for giveaways!

This will be a fabulous week, and hopefully get you into the mood for a Halloween read.

So, until tomorrow, good luck with the giveaway.