Day 3 Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2019: Lynn Nodima


Lynn Nodima is the author of the paranormal romance Wolf’s Man.

Welcome to the third day of the Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2019. I’d like to introduce you to Lynn Nodima. She is a fabulous author that has been inspired with storytelling skills from her family and carries on the tradition with her books. Lynn has been a computer programmer, college instructor and a traditional publishing editor. She has turned to living the writer’s life, and writes clean urban fantasy, paranormal romance, contemporary romantic suspense, fantasy and science fiction.

Her book, Wolf’s Man, is a paranormal shifter romance. I had a chance to talk to her about her Halloween childhood memories, her favorite authors, writing routine, and projects she is working on now.

1) What is your favorite Halloween costume or memory?

Lynn Nodima: My favorite Halloween memory is when my daughter was four years old. Her grandmother made her pair of Raggedy Ann/Raggedy Andy dolls that were as tall as she was. My daughter insisted on wearing her Raggedy Ann doll’s dress. I used red tape on white knee socks to give her the striped socks. She was adorable.

2) Who is your favorite romance or paranormal author and how did they influence you?

Lynn Nodima: That’s hard to say. I read and enjoy so many romance and paranormal authors. Cheree Alsop, Kimberly Loth, and Lorri Moulton come to mind. I enjoy a story that pulls me in and makes me want to read the next book in the series. I suppose every book I read (I read a lot!) influences me in some way. After I read a story that I find especially appealing, I go back through it trying to see what techniques were used to keep my interest.

3) Do you have a writing routine? What works for you.

Lynn Nodima: I try to take care of business tasks such as bookkeeping, advertising, and editing in the morning and early afternoon. My writing time is usually sometime after dark. I’ve always been a night-time writer. It’s easier to get into the right mindset then.

Writing time is used to loosely plan my books and writing as many words as I can. At the end of writing, I go back to fix the continuity errors that come up. I don’t do an extensive plot since my characters decide to go off-script on a consistent basis.

Sometimes, I will write the same scene several times through the point of view of different characters until I find the one POV that resonates best with the story.

On the rare occasion my characters refuse to speak to me, I work on book covers.

4) What paranormal creatures or subjects would you like to write about? Why?

Lynn Nodima: After I finish the series I’m working on, I have ideas for several spin-off series. I would like to write about the world Magnus, my dragon shifter, came from, and why he is the only dragon (at least at this point in the stories) on Earth.

Magnus is a flawed character who has failed in his duty at least twice, once when King Arthur was killed, and again when Eric the Red was killed. For this reason, he can’t return to his home. I want to know more of his story. Since I’m basically a discovery writer, or a pantser, I have to write the story to know it.

5) What projects are you working on now?

Lynn Nodima: Right now, I’m working on finishing Wolf’s Duty, the last of the original twelve books in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series. When that’s done, I plan to write a short story about one of the characters in the series.

And I’m starting to think about the Tala Ridge Shifters Series that I plan to write after the current series is finished.


Wolf's Man

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Chased by panther shifters, wolf shifter Janelle is trying to escape when she jumps into a stranger’s car. Now, he’s asking too many questions she is forbidden to answer. He agrees to help protect her, but even he has a secret that can put them both in more danger.

Wolf’s Man is free today only, Oct. 30th, on Amazon.

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For more information about Lynn Nodima, please visit her website at:

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