Never Date A Vampire Blog Tour Coming in March for Marilyn Vix


Pssstt…Pass it on. I’m gearing up for a fabulous blog tour next month. Each day from March 2 to March 9, two to three blogs will be featuring my new sequel to the Beware of Warlocks series, Never Date A Vampire. This new novella is the first of a series that carries on the story of Cat, my favorite, feisty witch and her best friend, Cassie. Never to disappoint, the characters eluded me for a few years until bam, last July, it just all came together. For some reason, this group like to do that to me. They like to sneak up and just pour out what they’ve been up to. I hope you like it. πŸ˜‰

So, please follow and look for all the information to be posted starting on March 2. Each day new blogs will be posted, and to top it all off, there will be a giveaway with my books, swag, and a grand prize of a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

I’m so excited to spend the week with you all and meet new fans of Las Vegas, witches, vampires, and most of all, a happy ending. πŸ˜‰

Until then my sweets,


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