Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2019 Day 1: Lorri Moulton

ParaRomBlogTour2019Banner I’d like to welcome you to day one of the Paranormal Romance Blog Tour! We kick off the first day of the blog tour with the fabulous author, Lorri Moulton. Lorri lives on a farm in Eastern Washington with five horses. She is inspired by the beautiful scenery around her, and loves to write in different genres such as fantasy, suspense, mysteries and paranormal romances. I had a chance to interview her and ask about her new book, Storm Front.

How did you get the idea for your current book?

Lorri Moulton: I’ve always wanted to write a spy story and adding a paranormal element seemed like a nice twist. Since Jazzmyn has lost her memory at the beginning of the story, it was easy to include a few surprises as she tries to find out what happened during those missing weeks.


Lorri Moulton is the author of the novel, Storm Front.

Who is your favorite character to write in your book? Why?

Lorri Moulton: Marta. She’s such a gray character and they’re always fun. Is she going to help Jazzmyn or cause more problems? And like everyone else, can she be trusted?

What inspirational advice would you give to a paranormal romance writer?

Lorri Moulton: For me, paranormal is the struggle for the character to find their place in the world. Having these abilities will set them apart…so is it wonderful, awful, somewhere in between? And how will that impact the romance?

What future projects do you have in store for us?

Lorri Moulton: I’m writing a second Jazzmyn Storm book that takes place in Hawaii…can you guess the name of that story? And I’m working on a romance between a witch and a wolf shifter in Victorian England. Should be a busy winter!

How would you summarize writing in one sentence?

Lorri Moulton: The best way to communicate your dreams with the rest of the world. 

storm front maybe ebookWhen a spy loses her memory, she doesn’t know who to trust or what to believe. When a person feels betrayed, how can they trust to love anyone? You feel vulnerable.

When it happens to a spy, it can be deadly.

Storm Front is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes/Apple, and other retailers. 

Just in: If you leave a comment on this post, it will enter you to win a free audiobook of Storm Front. You have until the end of the day on Friday, Nov. 1 to enter.

**Prize is courtesy of the author.

For more information on Lori Moulton, visit her Amazon author page HERE!

*Stop by tomorrow for another featured author!

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