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I have a no limits writing philosophy. So, this makes me just become a writing entrepreneur in all senses. I like to find other projects to delve into, including contemporary romantic fiction and even some fanfiction, to explore my limits.

NaNo-2017-Winner-BadgeI currently just finished and won NaNoWriMo 2017 by writing a kpop romance novel. I have been watching Korean dramas and listening to Korean pop/hiphop for two years now. And I don’t consider myself a hiphop fan. I was a new waver/alternative rocker back in the day. But Kpop is contagious, like a lot of the early 80s pop.


New Boys Over Flowers Fanfiction by Marilyn Vix on Wattpad. Entitled: Firsts

So, I had to get this kpop romance novel out of my brain. I’ve written a fanfiction novella for “Boys Over Flowers” on Wattpad, and really just had to try making up a whole new novel, made up kpop band, characters, and plot. It’s a completely original story with kpop and a California girl meets gorgeous, but damaged Kpop star. TOO MUCH FUN!

Anyway, at 50k, I’m still working on finishing it. Most likely, it will be 65k when I’m done. If you’re an agent or editor, feel free to email me through my contact form if interested. If you’re a fan, be sure to follow my blog or sign-up for my newsletter, and I’ll keep you informed on its progress.

**With BTS trying to break into the American market, and boy, have I been having a research field day with all of it, I’m excited to see the potential for this novel. Not to mention how cool it has been to see a Kpop band on American TV. It’s just added to my inspiration. There will be more to come on this project, I’m sure.


Kboards Indie authors released a flash fiction anthology. IT’s FREE!

Plus, I have included a flash fiction prequel for the Beware of Warlocks series in Indie Authors’ anthology, Stories On The Go, that came out at the end of 2014. It’s called “Payback’s a Witch” and gives an insight to Catherine during college. Her friend Vivienne in Never Fall For A Warlock appears in the flash fiction. There are 101 authors with a range of genres. It’s right now listed for free. So, it’s a great book to download to check out new Indie Authors.

saving-my-heart-amazon-largeI’ve finished a New Adult Romance on I invite you to read and follow my profile on Wattpad to see my romance novels and novellas in progress. It’s called: “Saving My Heart”. There’s also a handy Romance Writing Tips Book that I’ve started. I’m compiling all I’ve learned and posted on the blog. I’m gathering a lot of knowledge on this journey, and I enjoy sharing it with you. Plus, there are other short stories and other novellas. It’s sort of my exploratory writing playland.

And if you’re an editor or agent interested, please feel free to look over and message me. I have a following on Wattpad, and am revising different projects there. Only a rough draft is posted of many of the projects. The Saving My Heart copy up on Wattpad isn’t the finished book, just a completed draft of the manuscript. I have gone through four revisions since. But it was born on Wattpad, and I use that as my experimental writing playland. So, it stays until I figure what else to do with it or have someone make an offer. At last check, Saving My Heart had 70k reads and 2K votes.

It’s a brave new world in writing. So, I’m trying to take my writing journey into different places and experiment when I can. Feel free to comment below in what you think or send me a personal message. I’d love to hear what you think.

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