Current Projects


Available at, Barnes and, and

The entire Beware of Warlocks series is available at, Barnes and, and

I’m working on a time travel romance novel. If you love Paris 1899, check back for full updates. It’s called “Everything For Love”. It has been submitted to interested small presses. Will have to see what happens. Totally have fingers crossed!

Plus, I have included a flash fiction prequel for the Beware of Warlocks series in Indie Authors’ anthology, Stories On The Go, that came out at the end of 2014. It’s called “Payback’s a Witch” and gives an insight to Catherine during college. Her friend Vivienne in Never Fall For A Warlock appears in the flash fiction. There are 101 authors with a range of genres. It’s right now listed for free. So, it’s a great book to download to check out new Indie Authors.

Plans are in the works for a second anthology. I have submitted a story, and it is currently going through edits. I will update with more info when available. I’ve also submitted my first steampunk short story for a Steampunk Anthology. I am waiting to hear back. I will update with more info when known.

I’ve started an on-going New Adult Romance on I invite you to read and follow my profile on Wattpad to see my romance novel in progress. It’s called: “Saving My Heart”. There’s also a handy Romance Writing Tips Book that I’ve started. I’m compiling all I’ve learned and posted on the blog. I’m gathering a lot of knowledge on this journey, and I enjoy sharing it with you.

Kboards Indie authors released a flash fiction anthology. IT's FREE!

Kboards Indie authors released a flash fiction anthology. IT’s FREE!

It’s all a writing journey.  I’ll share what I learn as I go along. I started this journey the summer of 2013. Whether you’re an avid romance reader, or want to give romance writing a try yourself, check through the posts and my website. I’m trying to keep track of all the steps and share it with you. Enjoy!

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