Love Over Kpop Launches on Kindle Vella

I know a lot of you have been waiting for it, and I wanted to announce it is finally here. My new novel is launching on Amazon’s new Kindle Vella platform. I’ve been working on this project for over 3 years, and I’m happy to say it’s launching out to my readers one episode at a time. I’ve gotten a serial editor to help me polish each episode to perfection, and I’m really excited to finally bring you this story.

Why Vella? Well, sometimes some projects need a different approach in creating it through the writing process. I’m finding my K-pop romance is working well for this. It can be read an episode at a time, and the manuscript is complete, but needs some reworking. To rewrite it episode/chapter by episode will help bring you a fantastic novel while following along in the writing process.

Here are a couple things about Vella and how you can get started reading:

  • Vella can be easily read from you phone anywhere at anytime.
  • It’s in a simple format and you can follow along with the story, getting alerts when the new weekly episode is available.
  • You can like each episode, and once a week (after buying coins in the program), you can “Fav” a story.
  • It is accessible through the Amazon website, so it can be read on many devices, and also through the Kindle iOS app for Apple phones. Android phones work through the Amazon website, and direct links to stories will get you in.
  • It’s a coin/token operated reading experience, similar to the Star Program on Wattpad. The first 3 episodes are free. After that, it’s a coin for every 100 words. So, you support your favorite author with this token paying program. Example: 4600 words is 46 coins. Episodes are ranged from 600 words to 5,000 words each.
  • Episodes have a section where the author can leave a note. I’ve been using this similar to the way I do on Wattpad, keeping you all tied into the story by how I’m writing and where the story is going. Unfortunately, readers can’t comment back, yet. Though, Amazon is getting feedback from authors, and many have said they’d like that option to happen in the future.
  • I’ll post episodes weekly, looking at Thursday or Friday as the posting day. I am still working out a schedule with my editor on how this is going to work, but I’ll keep you updated through author notes and through my blog when it’s all sorted. It’s taking awhile to get it all set up, especially now that Vella has officially launched.

  • My Wattpad writing will taper off for a bit while I focus on Vella. But hey, I still have a lot of great stuff, including a free novel called “Saving My Heart” on Wattpad. But a writer has got to eat. So, this is partly the reason for doing the move to Vella.
  • So, that is the gist of what is going on with “Love Over Kpop”. With out further adieu, I invite you to check out the story link, and read through the episodes to see how it is. I’d love to have you “like” any episodes that you feel worthy, especially a “Fav” for the story. With enough “Fav”s, a story can earn a crown in it’s category, and be featured on the Vella site. So, the more “favs”, the more my story will reach out to other readers. So, please feel free to fav and like. I’d SO appreciate it.

    Also, you get 200 free tokens to get you started in reading Vella. It’s a great way to try it out with not only my own story, but other authors you may find fantastic. I am talking to fellow romance writers, and I know several that are writing Vella stories as well. So, I’m seeing what I can do to feature more Vella stories in future posts. Just to note: Amazon isn’t allowing to really use descriptions or post any content on our blogs. All we can do is let you know it’s there on Vella, and give you the story link. Everything else is available on Vella for you all to check out.

    Feel free to comment on this post about what you think about Vella, any story feedback, and k-pop in general. One of the reasons I wrote the novel is so I can connect with other people that like K-pop. So, just FYI, I’ve been into SuperM lately, with a lots of catching up with SHINee’s comeback. Taemin is my bias, but I’ve loved past older K-pop like 2pm, SS501 and Minue. Love Blackpink and Twice for my girl groups.

    So, thanks for all the support and I look forward to writing weekly episodes, similar to Victor Hugo. Likely, it won’t be as long as “Les Mis”, but I hope it will be just as entertaining. Wouldn’t mind a musical made out of it too. Sorry, my theatre kid upbringing is showing. 😉

    That link one more time:

    Until next time, stay safe and healthy,


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