New Wattpad Project: Do It For Love (A Romantic Suspense)

So, I’ve started a new Wattpad project called Do It For Love. It started out as a write up that I had as as dream, probably from the fact I’d been watching “Cold Case” on TV and that my best friend died in 1997 from liver failure. But in my dream, I was watching a friend I knew that had been murdered, and they were going over the case details on the show. I woke up and thought, that would make a great start to a story. Thus, I was off and away writing my new project.

I just uploaded Chapter 4, and am making it a goal to write a chapter a week. This is how I wrote the first draft of Saving My Heart which is up on Wattpad right now. The year after I wrote “Firsts” which is a fanfiction based on characters from “Boys Over Flowers”, a kdrama.

So, Wattpad tends to be my playland where I can try writing new things and challenge myself. Right now, romantic suspense is a really hot genre too. So, trying to delve into this subgenre of romance might be worthwhile. So, I’m going to try it and see.

If you’d like to start out and check out my new Wattpad project, Do It For Love, here is the link:

For my completed first draft of my new adult romance called Saving My Heart:

For my fanfiction of Boys Over Flowers called “Firsts”:

***Please, if you’re a Wattpad reader or just checking out my writing on the site, leave some comments or even vote if you like it. It helps with being seen on Wattpad, and I love to talk to readers. Comments make me especially happy.

Happy reading!


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