Marilyn Vix Presenting at Clockwork Alchemy 2022

Marilyn Vix will be presenting as Tiffany Turner as she presents: “Basics of Ghost Hunting Equipment” at Clockwork Alchemy on Fri. March 18th at 1pm to 2pm.

This weekend on Friday, March 18th, I’ll be presenting my Basics of Ghost Hunting Equipment presentation at Clockwork Alchemy with new evidence from my recent Flashlight Tour Investigation from February 19th. This fabulous steampunk con is one of my favorites, and I presented this presentation last year at the virtual con. Now, I’ll finally be able to present this in-person and with new evidence from Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum and the Winchester Mystery House.

Find out how you can get started ghost hunting by getting the basic equipment, listen to how to find locations, and tips to get started. The research for a paranormal romance drew me into this deep rabbit hole, but I’ve always kind of already been there. In the 1980s on, I’d been reading the books of Hans Holzer and picking up every ghost story book traveling through California’s Gold Country. Through travels to Europe, Australia, and around the United States, I’ve tried to ghost hunt when I could. Starting with hand-held digital cameras and digital recorders, I’ve added to this basic equipment, and just keep adding to my own personal general understanding to what is beyond. Join me this Friday afternoon for an hour discussing the basic equipment and how to get started with your own ghost hunting experiences.

Join Marilyn Vix (Speaking as Tiffany Turner) at CLOCKWORK ALCHEMY

Basics of Ghost Hunting Equipment

To buy a ticket to the con, link below.

If you’d like to get into the theme of things before the con or just check out my steampunk novella, here is the link below.


Elizabeth Bonicetti, a Victorian London actress, is propositioned by a young man, Mr. Lionel Conner, to be his first, and to teach him the finer points of love to be ready for his new wife. Trying to not let her feelings get in the way, she is determined to teach the “lessons” without becoming attached.

But she can’t help but fall for the young airship captain. Will her stubbornness make her receptive to his final secret? Can the love she feels for him over come the tragedy that paralyzes him?

So, until next update, book release or paranormal investigating tour, remember, I appreciate your support! And as an author, it helps to have a side hustle. Maybe more on that some other time.

Take care!

-Marilyn Vix

3 thoughts on “Marilyn Vix Presenting at Clockwork Alchemy 2022

    • Tiffany Turner says:

      Oh, I will. I have missed this con, and just going to cons in general. I love the tea room, the shows at night, and teapot racing. I’m making a new racer to try out on Saturdays racing too. So looking forward to this year. Are you going this year?

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