New Release: “Taking On Vegas: Thankful in Vegas #3” in time for Valentine’s Day from Marilyn Vix

Marilyn Vix meeting the Ghost Hunters at ParaUnity Las Vegas 2021.
Marilyn Vix meeting with the crew of Destination Fear at ParanUnity Las Vegas 2021.

It’s here. My writing block is officially over! May I present a gift to you this Valentine’s Day, “Taking On Vegas: Thankful in Vegas #3”. Talk about a labor of love, because even I wanted to see the ending on this one. Lynda Belle and I had a great time wrapping up this series, and there are sure to be some surprises, steaminess between Fran and Dex, and best of all, it’s all in Vegas.

I attended the paranormal investigators con, ParaUnity Las Vegas, in Dec. 2021. It really helped to jog open the creative flood gates, and I had tons of fun. Met some of the big names in paranormal investigation, you know, the ones on the TV shows. Actually, they are really nice in person, and it was great to get investigation tips and insight into the field of PI. I found that these kind of activities really help spur my creativity too. When I got back, I was ready to take on finishing the novella. But I digress. It’s just that my research has taken me on so many awesome tangents, sometimes I’ve got to share.


New Year’s Eve

Las Vegas

The poker game has ended.

Dex Luxom has lost the hotel in a New Year’s Eve poker game. Stunned by the sudden loss, Fran Hurley sticks by her lover gambler. But will he recover after losing everything or do something rash?

She’s about to become a pawn in an even bigger game that will end with either losing Dex or her life. As things spiral out of control, Fran finds herself making the choice to trust in her gut. To love a gambler takes more than luck; it takes strength and courage. And it all could end with her being the biggest player of all.

This is the final installment in the “Thankful in Vegas” series.

If you’d like to start the series and read all the way through, here are the first two book links below.

Thankful in Vegas: (Bk 1 of Thankful in Vegas series)

Link to Amazon:

Link to Barnes and Noble:

Falling Into Vegas: (Bk 2 of Thankful in Vegas series)

Link to Amazon:

Link to Barnes and Noble:

Speaking of my research tangents, I’ll be appearing at Mystical Minds Convention in San Jose on Feb. 19th – 20th, 2022. I’ll be selling my books “Never Marry A Warlock” and “Everything for Love” at my table, and talking about basic paranormal investigation equipment at my talk on Saturday, Feb. 19th at 2:30pm to 3:30pm.

Also, Saturday night, Feb. 19th, I’ll be leading an investigation at the Winchester Mystery House Flashlight Tour at 10pm. I have all the information on my Paranormal Investigation Tours Page here.

So, it feels good to be busy again. Totally am feeling motivated from the paranormal investigating and the writing starting to click for me again. I do wish you a fabulous Valentine’s Day, and hope that you enjoy my new novella with Lynda Belle. Do expect some more fabulous stories from me, including more episodes added to my Vella novel “Love Over Kpop”. Until next time, stay safe, wear a mask, and please get vaccinated.

-Marilyn Vix

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