Marilyn Vix will be appearing at the October Mystical Minds Conference Oct. 8-9, 2022

I’ve recently fallen head over heels into ghost hunting. Over the last year and with the death of my father, I’ve decided to just go for it, and joined a local ghost hunting group that is located in Soquel, CA called: Avalon Visions Paranormal Investigations. I originally was writing a paranormal romance that involved ghost hunters. My research has spurred me onto finally giving ghost hunting a full out try.  As like many of my other pursuits such as working at the Renaissance Fair playing Gaelic Harp or wire wrapping crystals into jewelry (since 1989), it’s an extension of my authentic self.

Learn about what these are and how to use them on haunted locations at my ghost hunting equipment talk at The October 2022 Mystical Minds Convention.

Being a teacher, I really enjoy teaching others to pursue their passion. If you’ve ever wanted to give ghost hunting a try, join me to learn about the basics of ghost hunting and what equipment you can use to pursue trying to get evidence. I’ll be giving a talk about basic equipment, use, and where to purchase along with costs. Plus, I’ll be on leading the discussion panel on paranormal investigating techniques. Fellow paranormal investigators will be discussing what techniques work for us, what doesn’t, what to look out for, and more. Join me Oct. 8-9 for an enlightening weekend!

  • Mystical Minds Convention
  • Oct. 8th-9th, 2022
  • Holiday Inn-Dublin/Pleasanton at 6680 Regional St. Dublin, CA
  • Presenting Basic Paranormal Equipment Talk with updated investigation evidence from Virginia City Investigation
  • Will be hosting and leading the Paranormal Investigation Techniques Panel.
  • Will also have a table set up with my books. Come by and meet Marilyn Vix in person.

If you’re not familiar with my paranormal romance series, Beware of Warlocks. Here is the link to the omnibus editions.


Barnes and Noble:


Audiobook through Audible:

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