Week 2 of the Book Blast Tour For Kindle Vella Serial Series: Love Over Kpop

Welcome to week 2 of the Book Blast for my Kindle Vella serial, Love Over Kpop. This week, there are six fabulous blogs all featuring my Vella story with information about this fabulous, new reading platform. I have to admit too, I’ve been doing my own serious reading on Vella as well. I’m still enjoying Hugh Howey’s autobiography serial as well as following my obsession with vampire stories. I’ve been enjoying “How to Tame Your Vampire” M/M Paranormal Rom, and another rockstar romance called “Wicked Riffs” (Rockstar Rom, Young Adult).

I’d also like to invite you to also enter the Book Blast giveaway tour. Entry link can be found on all the participating blogs. You can enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card to have your own shopping spree. Buy books to get you through this fall!

Plus, I’d like to invite you to enjoy my Kpop/rockstar romance, Love Over Kpop. It’s a challenge to write, especially during these uncertain times that has really been affecting my creativity. I couldn’t write fiction at all last year, but I felt a bit better when Stephen King mentioned on a talk show he was having similar trouble. But 2021 has been a bit more hopeful, and working on a different kind of project on a new platform has helped me to get the creative juices flowing.

I’m heavily addicted to Kpop now too. So, I’ve got to get this story out of my system. I discovered Kpop through K-dramas, notably “Boys Over Flowers”. I discovered SS501 from that show, and then moved onto Minue in “Full House Take 2”. I’ve now gotten into a new bias, Taemin from ShinEE. I got to see him live in a SuperM concert in Feb. 2020 before the lockdown.

This is a project of passion, and to hopefully meet and talk Kpop with other people. I seem to be isolated in my like for this type of music with most of my friends, which might be the feelings of some of us in the West. But I’ve loved foreign music for awhile, which started with Mylene Farmer back in the 90s. You can learn so much from watching and listening to other sources of music and TV. It’s a brilliant way to develop your experiences without leaving the house, kind of like reading. 😉 I’ve been currently listening to Boyfriend quite a bit lately, with a sprinkling of 9Muses, Blackpink, Red Velvet and 2PM.

Here is the list of participating blogs this week:

September 22

1: Momma Says: To Read or Not to Read
2: Read Your Writes Book Reviews
3: Bibliomanaic Aza
5: Sandra’s Book Club
6: Wake Up Your Wild Side

Feel free to stop by, leave a comment, and I’ll be checking to answer questions or comment through out the week. I will love to hear any feedback on Vella or my story. Since the Vella platform doesn’t have a way to comment to authors yet, I’m using this blog tour to get feedback from you, the reader, to improve my serial. So, I’d love to hear from you.

So, until next week, take care, stay safe and wear a mask.

To get started on the Vella platform and review my “Love Over Kpop” story, here is the link. Any likes, follows, and “FAVS” will be greatly appreciated.


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