Week 1 of the Book Blast Tour for Kindle Vella Serial: Love Over Kpop

Welcome to the first week of the Love Over Kpop Book Blast Tour. I have 10 blogs all hosting information about my fabulous new Kindle Vella serial. Starting this week and for the next month every Wednesday, a new group of bloggers will be hosting information and discussion about my new serial. Since Vella doesn’t have a comment aspect to the system yet, I thought this would be a great way to get some feedback on how new readers are enjoying the Kindle Vella experience and my story. Just comment on the blog of your choice, and I am stopping in daily to answer questions.

As not only an author on the new platform but a reader, I am finding Vella is a new, fun reading experience where I can use my phone as a substitute for my ereader. Though I love my Kindle, it is nice to just have the access to read on my phone as well. I do have an Android, and find that I can read Kindle Vella through directly accessing the website. No need for an app. For iPhone users, the Vella stories are available in your iOS Kindle app.

It has been fun looking through an autobiography by Hugh Howey. He’s been an Indie author hero for me since around 2011 when I got into writing ebooks. He has written the famous “Wool” sci-fi series, and it’s a fascinating read on how he’s an expert sailor, general explorer and adventurer, and lots of background on his experience as a writer. As an Indie romance writer, he encouraged me to get started on the Wattpad platform around 2014 while I was hanging out on a popular writers’ board called Kboards.com. I ended up writing an online novel called “Saving My Heart” on Wattpad, and now I’m taking that experience into the writing of my new serial novel on Vella.

Here is the link for the fabulous bloggers that are part of my tour this week. Please feel free to stop by, comment, and enter the $25 Amazon Gift Card giveaway.

September 15

1: Romance Novel Giveaways
2: Literary Gold
3: Long and Short Reviews
4: Sadie’s Spotlight
5: Aubrey Wynne: Timeless Love
6: Christine Young
7: Novels Alive
8: Edgar’s Books
9: Candrel’s Crafts, Cooks, and Characters
10: Nickie’s Views and Interviews

Again, feel free to ask questions and comment about how you are enjoying my story and the Vella reading experience. I’d love to hear how you, the reader, are feeling about my new story.

Thanks for stopping by, and remember, stay safe, read to escape, and having a glass of wine right now is okay. Take it from someone that has moved to wine country. 😉


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