Interview with J.T. Moon

I know a lot of you might be looking for a good fall read. Look no further. I have found a fabulous author and the perfect book to get you ready to get a tasty pumpkin spice beverage of your choice, snuggle under a comfy blanket, and watch the leaves fall outside as you read. “They” is an amazing contemporary romance with a mysterious story at its core. It is written by the author, J. T. Moon.

J. T. Moon was born in Minneapolis, and currently lives in Missouri. He has spent many days dreaming of faraway faces in faraway places. I had the chance to talk with him about his new release, and other reading and writing related topics. So, get that pumpkin spice latte ready. Enjoy the interview.

  • What is your favorite memory from reading as a child?

J.T. Moon: When I was in third grade, I read The Three Musketeers for the first time, completely unabridged (no Great Illustrated Classic or anything). When I was bringing it from the school library to my classroom, the office secretary stopped me and asked why I was reading such a large book. I told her I wanted the AR points (oh, the good old days of Accelerated Reader). She was skeptical that I could even read and understand it. A week later, I had the book finished and brought the secretary my 90% test score. It was awesome; almost as good as beating my teacher later that year in a math competition.

  • Who was your favorite author and why did they influence you?

J.T. Moon: It’s hard to narrow down a favorite author for me, as I’ve found many authors I love, but the only one I’ve consistently loved my whole life is C.S. Lewis. The magic of The Chronicles of Narnia was amazing as a child; as an adult, going back and seeing how he hid lessons in his pages was even better, the epitome of what a great writer should be. I have tried to follow his example by trying to write stories that can be enjoyed as stories, but that can also teach.

  • Do you have a writing routine? Share what works for you.

J.T. Moon: When it comes to writing, I have tunnel vision. Once I get centered on a project, it’s all that consumes my thoughts for months. It might take me years to finally get in the right mood/mindset to write and combine it with the spark of a new idea, but once the fire catches, it burns long and hot. I’m currently on a four-month lull, only writing sporadic things like short stories and poems. Hopefully I’ll be working on a novel again soon.

  • What subjects would you like to write about in future projects?

J.T. Moon: I have the basic ideas for two other books right now. I’m a huge sports fan, so I know I want to do a sports fiction book. My idea was to do one inspired by the 1899 Cleveland Spiders, the worst team in the history of baseball. I also have two or three chapters of a book about life in a small town told from the perspective of a park bench. I love thinking about the perspectives of others, and the things that must be going through their heads (or boards) when things happen.

  • Where do you find the inspiration and story ideas for your novels?

J.T. Moon: It depends. The two stories I’ve published were completely different. “They” began as a single scene in my head over ten years ago, and slowly grew into the novel it is now. The idea for my other story, “The Dawning”, came to me literally 48 hours after I finished the rough draft of “They”, and I wrote it live. I had no idea what was going to happen until I got there. It was almost like doing a live movie. You never know where inspiration is going to strike, and if it’s ready to eat right away or needs to be marinated first.

  • What advice would you give aspiring authors?

J.T. Moon: Take the time to learn your craft. Broaden your vocabulary, look deeper into words, learn their colors and tones. Good writing is like painting with words. No masterpiece happens by accident. Every color, every brush stroke is intentional; and every artist makes sure they have the right brush, the right color, and the skill to do what is needed. Writing is the same way. Knowing a lot of words helps us say what we mean as writers. Like Peter O’Toole says in The Last Emperor, “If you cannot say what you mean, you will never mean what you say.”

  • What was the most difficult character for you to write? The easiest character?

J.T. Moon: The hardest character was Chris, not even close. I needed a character that could inspire my narrator (who’s rather cool when it comes to inspiration) to write the story, but it was hard at times to include her in the story. I love the character, though; she’s right there with Macey from “The Dawning” in the Favorite Character category. Like Macey, Chris will probably get her own story someday.

They was actually the easiest character to write, as it wasn’t much of a stretch for me. All I had to think about is how I would react, and then have him do the exact opposite. Piece of cake.

  • Are there any other interests that you have besides writing?

J.T. Moon: I’ve actually been a musician longer than I’ve been a writer. I play drums, bass, and guitar, and once upon a time, I could sing pretty well. Any semblance of a singing voice I once had is long gone, but I can still play the instruments. I do a lot of songwriting, too. Hopefully someday, if I make it as a writer, I could try the songwriting thing, too.

  • Do you write to music or enjoy the silence? If you write to music, please share your playlist.

J.T. Moon: You would think so, me being a musician and all, but I actually prefer to write in silence most of the time. The only time I use music is when I’m in a writer’s block or I need to get my emotions in a certain frame. The pulling heartstrings emotion is the one that usually needs to be supplemented, and my go to for that is usually Jackie Evancho, who I believe is the best singer in the world. It’s not just her voice; though great, there are others who can match her. No, what sets her apart is her taste. She can go high, but she doesn’t all the time. She can do amazing runs, but she rarely uses them. Her tone on the simple notes is unmatched, and when she goes high, she keeps the softness and avoids the shrill. I could listen to her all day. Definitely a voice that can get a writer in a HEA mood.

  • What is writing to you in one sentence?

J.T. Moon: Writing is creation. Creation is life. Life is love. Love is writing.

“They” is a story that must be told. Gabe Blake is the man to tell it. He stumbles upon a mysterious girl laying next to a gravestone on Memorial Day. Intrigued by the girl, he asks who is buried under the stone, and what unravels is a story he can’t believe. It leads him down a road of research and awe as he discovers the truth behind They’s story. This story is a journey of loss, heartbreak, isolation, and love. As he writes the story, it starts to become his own as well, making it the most important story in his life.

“They” is available at This is a Kindle Unlimited title.

For more information on the author J.T. Moon, please visit his website here.

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