Paranormal Romance Blog Tour #4: Author Interview

pnewnrbToday is author interview day. I’ve paired up with S.N. Graves, author of the Look Back In Anger serial. We’ve each interviewed the other for the day. Below, S.N. Graves gives insight to her story ideas, whether romance is dead, and what is going on her in head now. For my interview, check out her blog at:


Interview with S. N. Graves:

1) How did you get the idea for your current book?

My latest book is Episode Four of my Look Back in Anger serial. The serial was inspired by a number of things, but I think mostly it came about as I was trying to sort through personal baggage. I’d managed to come to terms with some serious childhood traumas, and I was still trying to make sense of it all as a mother of two children. I do that best through fiction–a little distance provided by imaginary people does wonders for giving an author perspective.
2) What inspirational advice would you give a new paranormal romance writer?
If you can imagine yourself being happy doing anything other than writing, do THAT. If however, you can’t see yourself ever doing anything but writing, stick with it. People try to make it seem impossible, especially if they don’t have the courage or talent to actually go for it themselves.Never believe your mother’s opinion of your work–she is invariably wrong. This goes for spouses and most friends as well. However, cherish every bit of their advice and encouragement you get–you’re going to need it once you start getting real feedback.
3) Who inspired you the most to become a writer?
I think it started with my mother. She was in college when I was really young and always had her nose in a book. I saw having an interest in books as a way to get her attention, and then later in life, when she was reading my work, as a way to make her like me. We didn’t really become close until after I had my children, and she decided she wanted to be an author too. She was my biggest fan, and I wrote almost exclusively for her until a few years back when she had her stroke.4) Do you think romance is alive and well or becoming lost in the technology age?Aww, man… I am clueless on romance in the digital age. I married my high school sweetheart back in the stone age (1994) and haven’t dated since. I got really lucky and found my one guy almost right off the bat. Honestly the whole idea of dating today scares me to death. If the husband ever dies–knock wood–my plan is to become the crazy cat and pitbull lady. No more men for me.

5) What current projects are you working on?

The Look Back in Anger serial is just the beginning of a very large series. I have been writing these books for about 20 years now, so at least for the next 10 or so I’ll be releasing new ones in a steady stream.

The Look Back In Anger series is available at

Link to review of Look Back In Anger #1.





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