Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2014 Post #3: Book Review

Look Back In Anger Episode One and Two are available on

Look Back In Anger Episode One and Two are available on

For the paranormal romance blog tour day 3, we’ve done a book review swap. The authors were paired up to read another participating authors book. I was excited, because it gave me a chance to read what other authors were working on, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Look Back In Anger by S. N. Graves is a serial paranormal romance. This is the first episode of six. It definitely pulled me into the story arc and got my attention. Sam wants to be left alone to nothing more than fixing synth pets and taking care of her own dog. But her father and stepbrother have other plans. When Arles shows back up in her life, she’s left with no options but to go with Arles into a world that most of us don’t know exist. It’s a good thing she likes dogs. Arles might be the worst of them.

This was a step down a clear cut rabbit hole. S. N. Graves directs me into the world of Sam and Arles, and a no good father that seems to be in no way trying to redeem himself by saving Sam from a fate no one should promise to be a part of. It is a good set up into a 6 part serial that should end with an awesome paranormal romance novel. It is always fun to keep up with the progress, and then when all 6 episodes are done, tell your friends. I’ve already started episode two, just because it’s such a good lead in and there is a definite feeling of direction. I am wondering about the tormented girl in the opening scene. I’m sure it will somehow tie back, most likely to the main character. It was a nice tidbit for me to ponder as I carry through with the main story. In all, Look Back In Anger #1 made me CURIOUS for more. I want to see how Sam gets out of her box. Already started the second episode. Glad there will be more.

**** Four Stars Rating

Available on


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