Paranormal Romance Blog Tour #5: Sneak Peek Never Cross A Warlock

2014PRblogtourToday is the last day of the blog tour, I’m giving everyone a treat for Halloween. I know I’ve had fans asking about the third novelette. So, here is a sneak peek at Never Cross A Warlock, Beware of Warlocks #3. I also want to thank all of the participating authors for a week of fabulous fun and frolic. Maybe we should all do this again on Valentine’s Day? Be sure to take advantage of the giveaways and free ebooks below. Many of them will end by Nov. 1, 2014. Happy Halloween!

The Beware of Warlocks series will conclude with the ebook novelette: Never Cross A Warlock. Catherine Banks has discovered her best friend in bed with her husband. She does what any confused witch would do, run away as fast as you can from your pissed off soon-to-be ex-husband, find a good looking boy toy, and vent out the frustration before the spell battle that would end your marriage.


But Jeff, her newfound Aussie hitchhiker, is turning out to be more than Catherine bargained. Her feelings are starting to grow more than just a mere fling. She is starting to realize that she doesn’t want to just play with Jeff. Her feelings are becoming more than a one night stand. Good thing he turned out to be a warlock and Rich’s friend from long ago. He could be the key to winning the spell battle that most witches call a divorce.


“Below is an excerpt from the opening of Never Cross A Warlock. This is part of the first draft, and may be subject to some final editing. It is an exclusive look into the final episode of Catherine’s journey. I hope you enjoy it.” –Marilyn Vix


I emerged into the Las Vegas sunshine, sunglasses affixed, a reborn woman. Spas make all your problems seem faceable. Jeff waited for me just outside in the lobby, right on time. I was noticing he was considerate in that way. It was something that was making him grow on me. What had started as a break-up play moment was turning into something more. I was still not sure where it was leading, but the direction was turning me on.


Seeing him now made me wonder why I’d doubted we had any direction for us the night before. But then, that was before the succubus had tried to kill me. Now, I wanted to pull off his t-shirt that defined his chest in places I wanted to reclaim from this morning. His black sunglasses set off his blonde hair, but hid those amazing blue eyes. All this in the tight jeans made my mouth start to water, or somewhere else particular.


“How was your afternoon?” I went up and gave him a big kiss.


“It must have been good,” he said after we came up for some air.


“I’ve been sorting myself out. A lot has happened over the last few days.”


He nuzzled up next to my neck in response. Oh yes. He was a keeper.


“I’m guessing you’ve been thinking about the big divorce proceedings. When is your one year anniversary?”


His Australian accent vibrated parts of my libido. I had to concentrate to answer. “Tomorrow, I’m afraid.”


“It does mean we’ll need to make sure we’re out of town by today. If he traps you here, I’m sure he’ll try finish you off.”


He hailed a cab as I thought about that. Did I want to run all of my life? Or was I going to finally stand up to Rich. I just had to be stronger. Rich did have an upper hand in clever spells, but if I had an ally sending me power, I could beat him. But we could both die? Was I willing to ask Jeff to stand with me?


Confusion left my face in a mess of a state. Jeff couldn’t help but notice as he opened the door to the cab. “Did I say something wrong?”


“No Jeff. You’re the only thing that is right in my life right now.” The surprising thing is that I meant that. And it scared me as much as the impending spell battle.


He ran behind the cab and joined me on the other side. “What should we do Cat?”


“Make a plan. Where’s a good place to gather resources?”


“Somewhere neutral I’d imagine. Where’s the best undead club?”


“The VIP lounge at Haze.”


“That’s the place we’ll figure our next move, then.” He looked up at the driver. “The Aria.”


-Excerpt from Never Cross A Warlock by Marilyn Vix. ©2014

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