Paranormal Romance Blog Tour Post #2: My Inspiration

pnewnrbFor day 2 of the blog tour, I’m finding myself looking more towards my icons of inspiration to keep me going.  Let’s say, YouTube is my friend of need. Not for what you think. I love to watch music videos. They are relaxing and the music helps me unwind. But when I want to get into the zone for writing, I look to inspirational artists that kick out that inner turmoil in my brain and ground me. Who do I look to? It might be the same people you do.

English pop singer Adam Ant

English pop singer Adam Ant

First on my list are the Adams. Adam Ant and Adam Lambert have their first names in common. The second thing is that they are incredibly sexy with hot voices. I know, there might be a span of 20 years between them, but you can’t beat Adam Ant in a tight pair of leather pants. Adam Lambert just drips artistry as he walks, anywhere. He always seems to be talking to you. Who says theater training as a kid doesn’t help you when you grow up? But I digress.

But there are some people that just help inspire me to achieve my dreams and give me strength. One such person is Mylene Farmer. She is a popular French artist often compared to Madonna. But that’s where the comparison ends. I wish I could age like her. If I really do the Math, she must be in her 50s. And damn she looks good. Her live show in 2013 looks as good as her show in 1999 . I should know, I flew from California to Bercy Stadium, Paris just to see her in 1999.

Mylene Farmer  Photography by Phillippe Salomon 1999

Mylene Farmer
Photography by Phillippe Salomon 1999


It’s hard to explain the 30 years of awesome music and artistry that makes Mylene Farmer so appealing. I can say that she has inspired me to live my dreams to my fullest which has led me to living in Paris, learning French, writing, getting a career or niche in society, and eventually writing Romance novels. I was living the dream of seeing her live. I even had been hanging out with other fans of her in chat rooms. We all met up and finally saw each other in person in Paris. Mylene still inspires me to dream and make those dreams into reality.


Looking to others as role models builds us from within. It steadies our relationship with our inner being. Music can take us to many levels, and calm the turmoil of the outside world. It’s something I’ll always need, and hope as an artist, inspire in others.


Never Fall For A Warlock (Beware of Warlocks #2) is available at

Never Fall For A Warlock (Beware of Warlocks #2)
is available at

My current Beware of Warlocks series, Never Fall For A Warlock, has the main character, Catherine Banks, going through a journey of the soul. The shock of her husband in bed with her best friend drives her into that drastic state of change that can bring out the inner strength in all of us. We call it the Inner Bitch, but really, it is the warrior self-taking true form. As we grow, that new self takes shape, reforms, and starts to take over. That is what Catherine is going through with the inspiration of a new man in her life. Whether we like it or not, sometimes life changes happen to make us grow, and seeing how others get through the process can inspire us. Through others, we learn that life is a reshaping of us, constantly, making us always grow. Artists and role models lead us down that path and show us the way; giving us that strength to endure. So here’s to the wonders of inspiration in my life, Marilyn Monroe, Mylene Farmer, Adam Ant, Adam Lambert, Anne Rice, Anne McCaffrey, and Marion Zimmer Bradley. Let’s hope it never stops. It would be SO boring otherwise.

Marilyn Vix is a newly made Paranormal Romance novelist that has been over a year following her dream. Her second ebook novelette, Never Fall For A Warlock, is available on Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords.

The third novelette, Never Cross A Warlock, is currently being written. A sneak preview will be in Friday’s post of the Paranormal Romance Blog Tour.

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