Sponsor Gifts Announced for NaNoWriMo Night Of Writing Dangerously 2015: Marilyn Vix

Support Marilyn Vix to write another year during NANO 2015!

Support Marilyn Vix to write another year during NANO 2015!

We’re getting near to the Night of Writing Dangerously, and I’ve noticed my donations bar a bit low. So, I’ve decided to up the stakes and add some motivational gifts for donation levels. I thought it over and came up with the list below. Keep in mind that this is all going to help others support their writing, and the NANO website. I don’t get to keep the money. I do eat free and get free wine. But it is to fuel for writing. It’s all in the name of art, of course. To help support the creation process, my future writing projects that I’ll be writing during the evening, here are the gifts you can earn for your donation:

$5 Never Marry A Warlock Novella Ebook

$10 Never Marry A Warlock Keychain Swag

$15 Never Marry A Warlock Bookmark Swag

$25 Promo copy of the new ebook box set for Beware of Warlocks Series

$75 Get a character named after you in the next novella: Beware of Vampire series

**All gifts are cumulative. So the more you donate, the more you get, folks. đŸ˜‰

I’ll keep it going until it’s time for the write-a-thon. If I earn over the $275, that’s great. I’ll keep it open. So, this is a win win for everyone. I do love the way NaNo has helped with my word count speed and how they help support writing programs in schools and soon, in prisons. So, dig out that spare change and help support a writer, and help other writers in return.


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