Supporting NaNo: The Night Of Writing Dangerously



This year, I’ve decided to participate in Nano, or National Writing Month, a non-profit website that helps kick authors’ butts to write during the month of November. The goal is to write 50k words in a month. Can I do it? I really don’t know. I’ve always wanted to try it, and kept making excuses. Too much going on in the day job. My projects are usually shorter. Besides, I don’t write that fast. Well, the excuses are over. I signed up, and I’m going for it. Here goes everything.

Why? Why not? I’ve decided to stop being scared of trying things. It started with the romance writing. Now I’ve got two novelettes, and I’m working on a third to wrap up this series. I have 10k of another Time Travel Novel just waiting to be finished. So, what else to better motivate than signing up to do NaNo.


But I’ve decided to go Full Monty. I signed up to help raise donations to participate in The Night of Writing Dangerously, and I’ve raised the amount needed to go. Of course, if you wish to still donate to Nano, you can at this LINK. It is for a worthy cause. The NaNo project helps support young writers as well as adults, and donations help writing packages to support Project Based Learning and other programs.

So, as of now, I’ve written 6,328 words so far. I’m not worrying about word count just yet. I’m concentrating on sitting and writing while I can. I have a week’s vacation end of November, and Sunday will be the Night of Writing Dangerously. I think I can catch up. Besides, it means all my readers and followers, you get more writing. My editor will be happy I’m finishing the projects too. Nothing like a happy editor.

If you’d like to check on my progress and cheer me on, please do. I usually write maybe 50K in a year. So, I’m feeling challenged. But I figure that is what it’s all about.

Thanks for all of the support. If it wasn’t for readers and fellow authors, I wouldn’t be at this point.

Marilyn Vix’s NaNo Update Page

Marilyn Vix’s Night of Writing Dangerously Fundraising Page



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