Additional Tips For The Beginning Self-Published Author

Mindstir Media is a great option to get yourself started in self-publishing.

As many of you know, I wrote a beginner’s guide on how to get started in self-publishing called “Get Ready to Push the Button: A Beginner’s Guide to Self Publishing”. I put in a lot of tips in my book, including resources and services on how to get started. But I always like to branch out and add to my material when I find new resources for self-publishing. Here is a new option to add to your list of self-publishing possibilities.

I talk about different self-publishing options in my book, such as ebook publishing platforms, print-on-demand, or using a self-publishing service that offers packages. Depending on what you want to take on, there are different options to what you want to start with. I found a helpful website with some services that will assist you in what ever level you may be in the self-publishing process. The website is called Mindstir Media.

Option 1: Self-Publishing Packages

This is a great option for authors that want to self-publish, but feel a little overwhelmed by the whole process. Mindstir Media has packages for different levels of publishing, including mentoring, editing, book cover design, ISBN barcode generation, book printing, marketing and more. It is an easier way to solving the problem of getting started in self-publishing. It can get you on the way to self-publishing today. For those that don’t want to take it all on for themselves, this is a good option.

Option 2: Print-On-Demand

A lot of my romance books are eBooks, but it is good to be able to have print books available. Using a print-on-demand or POD option for your book will make it more available. This option has been the way I started in self-publishing back with a small POD publisher called Trafford Publishing. A few of my books are still with them, and it is a great alternative if you’re already using an eBook publishing platform that doesn’t have a print option. Mindstir Media can help you go through the process of getting the book set up for printing such as figuring trim size, paper stock options, and any other questions you may have.  Plus, print books can be printed and shipped to where you need them such as for book signings. It saves on having to store them in your garage. I’ve done this myself with my POD service.

Option 3: Ghostwriting Service

Let’s say you have a really great idea for a book or just want some help in putting together your nonfiction book to support your business. This is a great option that many celebrities already use. The service will begin with a consultation, outline your material chapter by chapter, and continue to touch base with interviews while a manuscript is developed. If you really need a book to help your business or have the idea for that fantastic novel but no time to write it, hiring a ghostwriter is a great option.

There are a lot of nuisances and different situations for every self-publishing story. Sometimes you need to look around a lot for the right options for yourself. For more information on how to get started either refer to my book, “Get Ready to Push the Button” and/or check out the self-publisher website service, Mindstir Media. Get informed on how to get started, and the dream will happen.

You can make it happen by self-publishing. I did. 15 years ago. And it’s been a crazy, interesting journey. I’ll continue to keep bringing you the new options and interesting twists and turns in the self-publishing industry. Until next time,

-Marilyn Vix

**Marilyn Vix is a romance novelist that specializes in paranormal and contemporary fiction. She also writes children’s books under the pen name, Tiffany Turner.

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