Giveaway for Never Date A Vampire Update: The Affects of the Corona Virus Addressed

BannerGreetings all. The deadline for the giveaway was going to end today, but I’ve decided to extend it because of the concern for the corona virus. Some of the prizes were ebooks, but the signed copies are printed and the swag witch necklaces I made myself. I would have to package them up and mail them to the winners.

I am actually at high risk for the virus since I’m over 50 and have a heart condition. Four years ago, I had pneumonia and a heart attack, and was clinically dead for 60 seconds. I almost didn’t survive, especially since my body went septic and I was put into an induced coma. In fact, hearing about what some of the patients are going through with the extreme cases of the virus is making me remember some of the issues I went through. Breathing treatments, physical therapy, and months of recovery are flashing back to me. I don’t wish that on myself again or anyone else if I happen to get it.

neverdatedeskSo, I’ve self isolated to protect me and possibly others if I should contract it. So, that is why I’ve extended the deadline for the Never Date A Vampire giveaway. Entries will be excepted now until April 30.

Never Date A Vampire Giveaway Link:

If the pandemic proves to be worse than believed, I may need to extend it too. It’s just safer for everyone to give more time for entries and make it safer to mail the prizes. I’m sure you can understand why I’m avoiding shipping things as a high risk person.

But I’m looking forward to the writing I’ll be able to get done, and am turning to mostly online interactions. I’ll still be here, just more virtually. Thank you to everyone that participated in the blog tour, bloggers, readers, supporters, and Bewitching Virtual Tours. The best part of all this is people are likely to have more time to read. And having more time to read is totally awesome in my opinion. Feel free to recommend my books to friends and relatives. I’d like to hear from people making the most of this pandemic and hopefully reading some of my books.

-Marilyn Vix

Update April 3, 2020:

I’ve extended the giveaway for another 30 days to make sure that it will end after proposed locked down and shelter in place orders for my area. My county I live in was hard hit, and locked down on March 17. They’ve just extended it too. The extensions keep happening. So, in expectation of that the shelter in place, I am have extended the giveaway to the end of May. The new deadline is May 31, 2020.

Hopefully by then, I’ll be able to go to my storage, get books and sign them, and take them to the post office. The positive, more people get the chance to win signed copies of my books and the $25 Amazon Gift Card. So, cross your fingers and good luck.

And remember, wash your hands, stay a safe 6 ft. distance from others, and we’ll get through this together.

Winners Announced Update: (June 1, 2020)

It’s official. I have the five winners for the prizes for the Never Date A Vampire Blog Tour. Thank you to everyone that has entered over the last, crazy few months. I will be emailing the information to the winners on how to claim their prizes. They are:

  1. $25 Amazon Gift Card: Darlene O.
  2. Signed Copy of the Never Marry Omnibus/Witchy Swag Necklace: Karrie M.
  3. Never Date A Vampire Ebook: Mya M.
  4. Witch Swag Necklace/Never Marry Omnibus Ebook: Victoria A.
  5. Witch Swag Necklace/Never Marry Omnibus Ebook: Bill H.

Congratulations to all of the winners. You will be receiving an email on instructions in how to receive your prize. Thank you to everyone for your support and fan love during the release of my sequel. I hope you are staying safe, taking care of yourself, and remember, we’ll all get through this pandemic together.




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