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The Basic Equipment for Paranormal Investigating


Basic Equipment used in Paranormal Investigating: Mel Meter, Digital Recorder, Spirit Box, EMF Meter and extra batteries.

Since I’ve gotten into paranormal investigations since the death of my father, I have been discovering answers to questions I’ve always had about the other side. I’m also having loads of fun visiting historical places and meeting fantastic people.

In a way, this has become a new hobby where I’ve built up a basic paranormal investigation kit, and I’ve been participating in investigations with a local group, Avalon Visions Paranormal Investigations. I’ve also been to different open investigations through out the country such as with Nick Groff’s Tours, formerly of Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Lockdown. I’m currently signed up to investigate locations and participate at Virginia City Para Con in Nevada this May. I’m also presenting at Mystical Minds Conference on how to build your own paranormal investigating kit.

I will share how you can gather your own equipment to start investigating either your own home or locations locally. Remember, always ask permission of the owner. Never trespass. Investigate at least with another person and always be respectful of being invited into a home.

Update: The Mystical Minds Conference has been postponed, because of the corona virus outbreak. It will be rescheduled in the upcoming months. I will post the dates when they are available.

If you’d like to read more about some of the basics of getting started in paranormal investigating, Zak Bagans has a great new book out called: “Ghost Hunting For Dummies”. I’d also recommend going to visit Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum


Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum at night

too. It’s the real deal folks. He’s set it up like a paranormal nuclear power plant for those that are sensitive. If you think you have abilities, they will get tested there. Someday I might write up about some of my adventures and experiences there, but for now, if your in Las Vegas, take my recommendation to visit. It’s definitely worth it.

The first thing you need for your kit is a digital recorder. It is used to capture imprints of ghosts voices or electronic voice phenomena (EVP). After researching on several paranormal investigating websites, I found that this type of recorder, an Olympus Voice Recorder WS-852, Silver, was used a lot. It was the one I bought, but Nick Groff, used an older Olympic recorder on the Queen Mary during the investigation in the boiler room there on his tour. I think the earlier models work better since they are made of all metal. My current model is plastic at the top and only partial metal, and I’ve not caught much with it. So, I’m currently looking for another Olympus model, maybe of an earlier type.

Second thing you’ll need is some kind of voice communication such as a spirit box. Some people like this equipment because it sweeps the FM or AM frequencies very fast. Spirit voices will come through over the sweeps. You can also use different speakers with the device, but you need some kind of way to record the voices that come through. I have captured some voices through my spirit box and could review it since we recorded with a night vision camera. So, I highly recommend buying one. I have the main one used with investigators, the SB-7 Spirit Box. They run about $60, but often will need an external speaker. The speaker in the box is like your basic transistor radio. So, it’s not loud and harder to hear the voices that come through.

Next, you’ll need some kind of camera. I had an experienced 20 year paranormal investigating  veteran tell me that your phone has a better camera than what you can buy these days as a camcorder. I have used my phone for live séances and general investigating at locations. So, to start with, your camera on your phone is a great choice.

But what my phone doesn’t have is a good night vision function. There aren’t any good night vision apps either. So, the next level of camera purchase should be a night vision camera. Another member on my team currently is the owner of our night vision camera, and we use a tripod as well. I’ve got one on order now, and we’ll have two cameras for our team soon. We’ve gotten a lot of orbs on it, and recorded the voices through the spirit box so we could review them later. A night vision camera comes in VERY handy when investigating.

Another basic equipment that helps is the EMF meter. This will let you know where there are electromagnetic fields, which often accompany paranormal activity. You can do spot base readings around your area of investigating, especially around areas that should have them like electrical outlets, electrical stoves, or light fixtures. Once you establish that and start investigating, all spikes with your EMF meter should be checked out and debunked.

Lastly, I’ve added a Mel Meter, which measures air temperature and EMF at the same time. This comes in handy if you seem to be experiencing phenomena and you want to verify other changes like temperature or electromagnetic fields. It adds to the evidence of any experience that might happen in your investigation.

That is what I’ve found to make up my basic paranormal investigating kit. Prices on the items range from about $50 for the EMF meter, $100 for the Mel Meter, to anywhere to $150-$200 for a night vision camera. Start with the budget you have, and add pieces of equipment as you can afford them. Often, you can form a team of two – three other people, and combine equipment until you become better outfitted.

The friends I’ve made and the people I’ve met have made this new hobby interesting and more than just research for a supernatural novel. It’s becoming my new family and I’m so glad I’ve chosen to enter into this interesting field of discovery.

-Written by Marilyn Vix

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