Never Date A Vampire Released! Sequel to Never Marry A Warlock Now Available

It’s here! Finally, after some writer’s block, life events, and just plane hard work, Never Date A Vampire is now available. I am so excited to finally bring you more of the story of Cat, the witch, and her friends. This story focuses on Cassandra Sanders, her friend that was involved with her ex-husband, and takes place moments after the other series ends.

VampireChroniclespicIt’s called Never Date A Vampire, the first novella in the Beware of Vampires series. I was inspired by my favorite writer, Anne Rice. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have gotten into the paranormal genre and later paranormal romances. I dedicated the novel to her, and to all of my fans that have kept me going. I even had a copy of the Vampire Chronicles by me as I wrote.

Plus, I have to add the link to the playlist I used to write this. I love making up a playlist to inspire me as well as focus my brain to write. Sometimes the videos inspire part of the story too. Here is the one I used for Never Date A Vampire on YouTube. It has a mix of modern tunes and a lot of Kpop, but the underlying thing that is the same, a vampire theme. Enjoy!

Link to Never Date A Vampire YouTube Playlist!

Note: Yohio is the perfect vampire in his video, My Nocturnal Serenade. I want to write a story just about him. He is like what I think Lestat is like in all his vampireness.

Never Date A Vampire 1 AMAZON LARGESo, without further adieu, here is the blurb about the new novella:

A trip to Las Vegas can be the most fun of your life.

But what if you know witches and warlocks?

What other creatures could there be in the Las Vegas paranormal underground?

Cassandra Sanders has witnessed a messy witch divorce. Things have blown apart behind her as her friends fought with a warlock. Now, she rides to the Stratosphere with her witch and warlock friends thinking that the worst is behind her. Throw in an Elvis impersonator, and you already have a good time planned ahead. But she wonders, what about her? She’s all-alone in Las Vegas. What could go wrong if she played some blackjack?

The meeting of a mysterious stranger doesn’t alarm Cass. After a casual drink, she seems to start to lose her will. Is she losing her mind? Drawn to him, she knows that maybe, this was too good to be true. He was too perfect. But in the world of the paranormal underground, where witches and warlocks played, what else should she be afraid of? Will she find out when she reaches his hotel room?

Experience what Cass finds out about the Las Vegas paranormal underground in this new series by Marilyn Vix, a sequel to the Beware of Warlocks series.

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