Never Date A Vampire, Sequel to Never Marry A Warlock, is on the way!


Marilyn Vix writing dangerously at the annual 2014 NaNo Fundraiser.

So, some exciting news everyone. It is on the way. The sequel to Never Marry A Warlock is done and in the editing process as I write this. It’s called: Never Date A Vampire. In the next few weeks, it will be feverishly put through all the writing steps to get it ready for everyone by the last week of October. I am so excited to finally be bringing this to you. It has been a long time in coming, having been started in 2016. Yet, life and other writing projects have been putting a delay into the project. But that is the life of an author. But, finally, the first installment is almost done.

It will be the first of a three novella series that will be combined together into an omnibus edition, just like “Never Marry A Warlock” and the Beware of Warlocks series. I decided to stay with what I do best, and just write. A lot. Because it’s what people like the best, and I’m trying to do more of the same.

But life does get in the way. I almost didn’t finish the first series because of health problems. I mean, really big health problems. I had a heart attack, went septic and had acute pneumonia, all at the same time. So, that slowed down the last book, Never Cross A Warlock.

Now, it feels like everything has come full circle. I’m proud of that. I have gone back into teaching a little each week, as a tutor in a private educational center. I continue writing as much as I can while doing my other hubbies, such as Renaissance Fairs. Playing the Gaelic harp for folks has it’s own rewards too.

I’m so happy to finally be starting this next part of the story for Cat and her friend Cassandra. We are getting Cassie paired off with this series, and without getting too much into it, there are vampires involved, but I’m guessing you figured from the title. 😉

The story starts just about where the last novella leaves off, everyone in the pink caddie driving away from Rich exploding apart the chapel where Michael and Cat just said their vows. But I don’t want to spoil too much. But I will give you an excerpt. A little teaser to wet your appetite. Plus, links to the Beware of Warlocks series, so you can be up to speed when the new first novella of the new series releases.

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Never Marry A Warlock

Never Fall For A Warlock

Never Cross A Warlock

Never Marry A Warlock Omnibus Edition (All 3 novellas in one book)

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Never Marry A Warlock Novella

Never Marry A Warlock Omnibus Edition

Books are available on iTunes/Apple books and Kobo as well.

Thanks for stopping by and all of your support. Follow my blog for more updates on the release of Never Date a Vampire, and for release parties and news. Until then, have a wonderful start to your fall.


Now for your sneak peek at Never Date A Vampire:

All rights reserved.

©Marilyn Vix, 2019

Never Date A Vampire

Beware of Vampires #1

By Marilyn Vix

©Marilyn Vix, 2019

Chapter 1

I looked out of the pink caddie at the Strip of Las Vegas. Elvis was on my right kissing Jeff’s sister. Catherine drove, and Jeff sat next to her. The chapel where we’d peeled out for safety was lit up like a torch behind us. Sirens were blazing down the street in the other direction making their way towards the blaze. But there was one weird thing. I felt alone. Everyone in the caddie had someone, but me.

With the top down and sirens blotting out the sounds of the Strip, I leaned my arms on the side of the Caddie, and watched the people on the street as we drove by. What was going to become of me? Catherine had forgiven me for sleeping with her husband. After all, he’d put a spell on my mortal ass. No mortal woman could resist that son-of-a-bitch. Now he was back behind us, blowing apart the chapel where Catherine and Jeff had just tied the knot. I guess I’d be pissed off too if my ex-wife had chosen someone else.

I guess my mistake was having witches and warlocks for friends, and I didn’t know it. Now I was smack in the middle of Vegas without any attachments. I was free and not sure what to do with myself. Maybe it was just a side affect of all the events so far. I wasn’t sure. All I was sure of was this longing to not be alone anymore. Everyone around me right now seemed paired up, and that wasn’t helping how I felt.

“Let’s have a party.” Catherine shouted from the driver’s seat breaking apart my thoughts.

I turned my head to answer. “Damn straight. I could use a drink right now.” She was right. Maybe a party would help.

“We’ve definitely got something to celebrate.” Jeff reached over and grabbed Catherine’s hand. I tried to not be envious. I mean, they seemed like a good match. I hoped this one worked out for her. I really did. But it definitely wasn’t lifting my spirits, except when I turned my head to look at Elvis. That’s got to put a smile on your face when you’re in Las Vegas.

The Elvis impersonator married Jeff and Catherine at the chapel, and had gotten wrapped up in all of this mess of vow renewals, marriage, and witch divorce. Unfortunately, witches divorced by spell battles, and we had all just been through one. Catherine had chosen Jeff, the other warlock and friend to her former husband. I shook my head. I was amazed we’d all survived it. Then, I thought of something. “Hey, won’t Rich come after us?”

Jeff turned to me. “He might. But he doesn’t have a bottle to piss in. We’ve said our vows, and the spell is locked for a year.” He reached and held Cat’s hand. “We’re joined, and there’s nothing he can do about it.”

I shrugged. “Okay, but I’d be worried about a pissed off warlock.”

Catherine shouted back to me. “Don’t worry. Now that we’ve said our vows, our powers are joined and he wouldn’t be able to take us both on. I think that’s why he’s so pissed back there. He blew up the chapel out of frustration.”

“Because he couldn’t blow you guys up?” I didn’t disguise the worry in my voice at all.

“You got it,” she continued. “But try to stay with us. As long as we’re all together, we should be fine.”

“Okay.” I couldn’t think of anything else to answer. I was so thankful for her forgiveness for what I’d done. It was like women can get past the ass-hat men in their life with a little help from their friends. Friends really are forever. Forgiveness is part of that. I trusted her.

Catherine pulled into the Stratosphere’s valet parking. Even the valets were impressed with the car as they drove up. Jeff got out, and opened the doors so Elvis and his sister could get out. Catherine opened her door for me.

I took a moment to look up at the amazing amount of lights twinkling above my head. There is one thing to be said for Vegas; it is never dull. I followed all of them into the casino entrance. The bling, bling of slot machines greeted us as we walked into the Stratosphere. Even though coins dropping out of the slots didn’t happen anymore, because you got paid in tickets, they still made a lot of noise to get your attention. Many looked like video games, with themes for movies and TV shows. I looked around at people standing by the slots. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer machine caught my eye. Pictures of a Slayer appeared on the screen and disappeared, followed by images of stakes and fangs.

I dragged my eyes away, and kept along the path through the casino. People sitting at tables came into view. The tables seemed enticing. I hadn’t even tried my luck at anything yet. Maybe I’d have to give it a go later.

Catherine led the group through the casino and onward toward the mall. I piped up. “Are we going shopping?”

“No. This is the way up to the best place to celebrate. We’re going to the Top of the World.”

I nodded. I trusted her after all. Elvis was walking next to me. He turned and said, “You been in the Stratosphere yet?”

“No.” I shrugged. “I haven’t seen much of the city. I was staying mostly in my hotel room unless Rich took me out.”

“That’s a crime.” Elvis shook the hand of Jeff’s sister. “After this, I know a few local places I’d like to show you.”

I looked him up and down. “Do you have a name?”

“Not while in costume, babe.” He pointed his index finger at me, firing it at me like a trigger. “Just call me Elvis.” He caught people looking our direction. He gave an Elvis hip shake, then turned to me and said shaking his head at me, “It destroys the illusion I worked so hard to create.” He wrapped it up with a few more shakes, his hands over his head. Jeff’s sister clapped, and linked her arm in his when he offered it after. I tried to keep the bile down. Sometimes things could be too cute.



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