Message from Marilyn Vix: Beware of Pirate Sites with MY BOOKS!

pirateflagSo, it’s come to my attention that there are pirate sites out in cyberspace that have listings for my books. Which is kind of sad. It shows disrespect for the authors and how much work is put into a novel or novella. Loads of hours and sometimes years of work, stolen.

But many of these sites brag to be a PDF download site, or other retailer. Some are blatant pirate sites listing the book far much higher in price than what I sell it for on the legitimate retailer sites. They are hard to stop, since many are in foreign countries without any US jurisdiction. Not to mention the phishing sites that just have my books listed and offer free downloads of a PDF. Just don’t try to download it. Most likely it is a file full of viruses. In fact, most of the listings I’ve found are most likely this type of scam.

There is a third party retailer that is called Kiss Library (on purpose, did not include link) that has many of my books uploaded by a pirate/scammer. I did not put them there, and I’m still investigating if this is a real website. They have a DCMC tab, which means they know they have a pirating problem. But I’m not giving them any of my information. They list all of my information, from publishing name to my website and social media, to look legitimate. IF they make it that easy for people to steal work, than I’m not going to recommend ANYONE use their site. I’ve been burned by third party retailers (IE All Romance Ebooks), and just have stopped selling with them.

So, really, just buy from legitimate retailers. Most Indie authors have their books listed with them. However, I am on listing services to make it easier to find books. But these services have legitimate buy links listed with the books, and will steer you to proper retailers. Examples of these are Indie Book Lounge and Romance IO. There are also places like Thrift Books or PaperBackBookSwap, which sell used books or swap them. I’ve found my books on there, but they are just people selling books they bought. Which is fine. Love people reading my books and sharing them!

The legitimate book sellers with my books are, Barnes and,,, iTunes and Google Play. You shouldn’t need to go to any other selling platform. I do have giveaways from time to time, but they have been through Instafreebie or through KU giveaways. I let everyone know about these in blog posts and through my newsletter. So, there are MANY ways to get legitimate copies of my work and enjoy them. I even have a full novel on Wattpad right now.

So, really, just stay away from these bogus phishing sites. Maybe a lot of you already do, but I just didn’t want any of my readers getting burned because you were just trying to find my book and get a deal. Just sign up for my newsletter or blog, and I have monthly deals with multiple authors that I send out and other deals on my back catalog too.

Stay safe out there and watch what you visit in Cyberspace. Until next time,


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