Great Tech Advice: How To Save Data Before Selling Your Phone (Guest Post)

ebookmarketHow To Save Data Before Selling Your Phone

People always want to keep their data safe and secure. So, it is a very important step to save your data backups, whether you are selling your mobile phone or not, because a mobile phone gives us a lot of  great features for saving our important data and memorable pictures. A mobile phone is also used for storing your important data’s like contact numbers, photos, documents, emails and much more of it. Storing your data before selling your mobile phone is a very important thing, because if your data is copied or used inappropriately by someone then it would be a huge risk for you. So I will guide you how to store your personal data?

For that thing, you just have to go in to your mobile settings menu, tap the system button, and choose reset your device or it may also say backup and reset, in which case, you will have to pick that. Now from there, select Factory Data Reset, then just Reset your phone. When you are getting rid of this phone, you will have to erase everything from it in a proper and mannered way to avoid risks.

This method is for android users only, but if you are an Apple IOS user then you must follow these instructions. If you are paired with an Apple Watch with your iPhone, just unpair your Apple Watch, and then back up your device, after that you have to Sign out of iCloud, then go back to the Settings window again, and tap General then tap Reset and then Erase all the content and Settings. If it ask you for device passcode or restrictions passcode, enter it properly. These  steps are only for IOS users.

So guys, all the details are mentioned above. If you ever are going to sell your mobile phone, just don’t forget to follow these instructions.

      Why do you need to sell your mobile phones? Well if I talk about myself, I am selling my old mobile phone. But why am I doing this? Well, just because a new Android phone has caught my eye, and I want to buy it as soon as possible. But for that I need to sell my old phone first in order to make up some of the money I am spending on that new device, and luckily there are a lot of options available for me.

I am going to walk you guys through some of the best practices out there for preparing your Android phone or tablet before selling it, and I know some places for online sale that would probably help you to sell your devices for a good price.      

      However, if you want to sell my phone and get cash today, or if you are going to sell your mobile phone or tablet or any other device, you can follow my guidelines below. First, you will have to take out the SIM card and SD memory card from your phone, because these are very important pieces of hardware that you don’t want to leave in your phone when you are sending it off to your buyer. Your SIM card is what enables your phone to take calls at your number and it is also linked with your data plans. Also, you will need it for your new phone, some times you will need a paperclip or something similar to open your SIM card tray, but sometimes it will be behind your phone beside the battery. The exact method will depend on your device, because not every phone or tablet will have an SD memory card slot in it, but you will often find them on the side of your SIM card slot. Memory cards will often store your photos and music, although the device itself has its own storage too.

Well before deleting all your device important data, you will have to check to make sure all of your important files and data is saved as a backup. So, you should  be sure to back up your data as well. So how do you backup your personal data on a device?  For that, if you are assuming your data is linked with your Google account, your contacts, photos and email will already be fully backed up in the google store. That means as soon as you start up your new phone, that important information will be there as soon as you log in to your Google account in another device.

           When your mobile phone device is fully backed up and you have deleted all your important data from the device and your phone is totally cleaned and reset, you can send it off to be sold anywhere online. Well, if you are really selling it, then of course your selection of choice will decide how much of a return you will get from it. So, I recommend to sell it online. I always try on some websites to sell my mobile online. And also sell my tablet. I use (sell any mobile) website for this procedure. If ever I am busy or I don’t have time to go to the market and I want to sell my phone online. try this site for selling and comparing prices.

I still remember once I wanted to sell my Iphone x, I tried this above mentioned site, and you guys might not believe me, it always offers good rates. Maybe you’re worried about selling your phone on-line, where you don’t know anyone personally, and you aren’t sure that you will get your phone a good price or not. So, I personally advice everyone here to go for online selling or buying your gadgets or devices because it is much easier to do and also it is a less time consuming and money saving process.

I hope that this advice helps you in choosing your new phone selling options. Take care!

-Gaurav Chandna

Guest Blogger

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