Book Review: Her Outback Secret

coverhandonfence3Lately, I’ve been keeping a look out for Australian romances. Her Outback Secret by Kristy Taylor caught my eye and pulled me into an intriguing mystery with a romance at its center.

Kylie Douglas has just inherited her grandmother’s outback ranch, but all she wants to do is sell it and head back to Brisbane. Enter sexy ranch hand Jack Lawson. Jack and his family have been working on the ranch since he was a kid, and are uniquely tied to the property. Kylie is torn between her attraction to Jack and her need to return to her normal life. But when secrets start to unravel about her grandmother and the ranch’s past, Jack and Kylie have to rely on each other to keep the secrets from destroying their new world together.

This book creates a look into the outback cowboy that I really enjoyed. Being from California but having visited Sydney, my only taste of the outback was the Blue Mountains and Uluru. But this gave me a slice into some cowboy living and loving Aussie style. I really liked the mysteries that got revealed pulling me into the rabbit hole along with the characters. I would recommend this book for people that enjoy reading romances about foreign places and Aussie men.

Her Outback Secret is available on, Barnes and Noble, and

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