Book Review: Heartaches (Bad Boy Vibes)

H_BBVStill hungering for romance after Valentine’s Day? I’ve got something steamy and heart-breaking for your post-valentine fix. Here is a steamy romance called Heartaches: Bad Boy Vibes by H.M. Irwing. Two people find each other to mend the damage from their pasts.

Anna Simmons is trying to break free of her family’s prison. Her murderous half-brother Brian has sold her out. To pay for his outstanding debt, she is tricked into being a sex toy for his creditors. She has no escape. Rafe Brown bears the wounds of war after fighting in the army in Syria. His father’s abuse drove him into the army.

Together, they find each other at the right time to find a way to sort their pasts through loving each other. It’s a bad boy mix of suspense and abusive patterns that they must get out of. Can they help each other to mend and fight the mental bonds that hold them?

I enjoyed this Australian set romance. It had some spicy scenes, but also some gut-wrenching plot events that made me hope the characters could get disentangled. The tension drew me through the pages. I’d recommend this read for someone that likes a romance where the characters have to beat the odds, and find each other to save themselves.

***Heartaches: Bad Boy Vibes is available at and Barnes and

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