Book Review: Land of Smiles (A Gay Romance In Thailand)

Land_of_smiles_cover_kdpAs we are near the ultimate day that celebrates love this February 14th, I wanted to take a look at some books that deal with all kinds of love. I came across a book called Land of Smiles (Gay Romance in Thailand) by Manuel Mata. It tells about a gay romance between two English teachers in Thailand and the difficulties that are involved with living in a foreign country and finding love.

Reading like a diary, we discover the attraction of a Spanish gay man making the life change of moving to Thailand. He falls for another teacher at his school, and that is when the roller coaster of ups and downs begins. Between dating on-line men to trying to figure out if his love interest, Cedric, is truly gay, we discover what it is like to live with the deep seeded love and attraction for another person. When we find out Cedric has a mysterious job and secret life he is keeping hidden, it takes all of the love between them to overcome it.

Land of Smiles is a unique insight to the various stages a person goes through while trying to find love. Being in a foreign country is an added twist, and it is interesting to see how that inspires their relationship together. I would recommend this book for someone who wants to get a taste of love in a different context and explore a new culture.

***This book is available on  as an ebook or paperback.

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