After Christmas Sale: Selected Marilyn Vix Books on Smashwords

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and are ready to fill up that new Kindle or ereader with fantastic books. To help, I’ve put some of my books on sale at Smashwords. Start off the New Year with a paranormal romance or a time travel romance. I’ve slashed the price 50% or to FREE. Scroll down and check out the books listed. And if you feel so inclined, I would appreciate a review after you’ve read my book. Whether you laughed, cried, or didn’t like it, let me know. I consider comments while I’m writing the next book in the series or the sequel. Sale runs from Dec. 25 to Jan. 1, 2018!

And I wish you the best in 2018! I’m working on different projects, including a kpop romance and a steampunk short. I’ll be submitting and seeing what happens with them, and keep you totally up to date on their progress. Happy New Year! -Marilyn

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