Audiobook for Beware of Warlocks Box Set Released

It’s here. The audiobook of the Beware of Warlocks series is finally out! It was a joy working with my narrator/producer on, Nastasia Lacayo. She had the right voice that fits Cat perfectly. The last few months preparing and getting this ready for you all has been grueling. But it is finally here. After two years of writing the novelettes and editing the box set, it’s available. The work that goes into making a product of this sort is a learning and growing process. I’d like to thank everyone from my editor Shelley Hollaway, to my beta readers Lisa Frogjourney and Lady Trish MacDonald for all of the work that has turned this into a fabulous paranormal romance series. There is more to come too.cropped-beware-of-warlocks-box-set-3d.jpg

Link to Audible!   Link to Amazon!

Link to Itunes!

Now, it’s time to party! On Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016, there will be a Facebook Release party to celebrate the release of the audiobook. Come by and enjoy chatting with me and Nastasia. Ask us questions about the process of creating this audiobook, to what’s it like to play in Vegas.

steamtiffNo accident the setting is in Vegas for this series. I love to play there! I just got back from a Steampunk conference there and I’m going back in April for a writing conference. Las Vegas keeps calling me back. I can’t stay away. I’m so looking forward to creating more adventures for Cat and her friend Cassandra. I’m working on the next series, Beware of Vampires. Cassandra is the main character, with Cat as her wingwoman. It’s going to take a witch’s help to get Cassandra out of the trouble she’s getting in.

Join me tomorrow, Feb. 3, on Facebook for the big party. Would love to see you there.



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