Wattpad Promo Opportunity: Wattpad Block Party Winter Edition II


Wattpad Block Party Winter Edition

The Wattpad Block Party runs Feb. 1-29 with over 100 authors.

I’ve talked about some of the fun things I’ve done on Wattpad over the last year. From writing a new adult novel to participating in the different Wattpad writing contests, I’ve found there is no end to things you can do on Wattpad to support your writing. Now, I’ve found a great way to engage your followers once you’ve got some projects up for them to read. It’s an author organized promotional event. I’m currently participating in the Wattpad Block Party. Here’s how it works.

The Wattpad Block Party is an author event that is run by @KellyAnneBlount. She’s put together a fabulous way to promote yourself on Wattpad and beyond. For the entire month of February, authors will be posting daily in the Wattpad Block Party interviews, blog posts, behind the scenes, and all sorts of fun info to engage readers on Wattpad. There are over 100 authors involved, and even a ton of giveaways. The prizes range from being named after a character in a chapter, receiving a critique on Wattpad, having a chapter dedicated to you, to ebooks from different authors.

Of course, to get this involved you need content. So, it’s best to find these author events after you’ve got some stories up on Wattpad. But once you get some content up, it’s great to participate in these kinds of author organized parties.

If you’d like to check out the event, here is the link. All the information is posted in a book on Wattpad. Events run every 6 months. I had to sign up a while back, and I’m very excited to be part of this one. I’ve done other author promos with authors from my writing board, Kboards.com, even organizing blog tours of my own. I know they can be a lot of fun, and the cross pollination of readers is a win win for everyone involved. Readers get to discover more authors, and the authors gain more followers.

To find out more about the Wattpad Block Party Winder Edition II: CLICK HERE!

To find out more about Marilyn Vix on Wattpad: CLICK HERE!


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