Learning The Secrets Of Wattpad

I have to admit to my new writing obsession, Wattpad. I tried it first as an experiment. Combine this with starting a new adult romance project, and I’ve discovered a new sandbox to play in. Between reading “How to” guides on Wattpad and advice from my writing board (Kboards.com), I’ve been able to gather some beginners tips. I’m going to try to put it all together in a summary in case you’re thinking of getting your feet wet in this new fast empire of on-line writing communities.

I’m not getting into the featured area or what’s hot yet. But at least I’m getting some reads, got a cover, and starting to figure the best times to post. Most of all, I’m being forced to write and try out some new POV structure. Plus, I’m learning a lot about the new adult romance audience. So this is what I’ve gathered over the first few weeks of this grand experiment.

1) Post often, at least every 5 days. Best days to post are Wednesday and Friday. 

This keeps you on top of your writing and cranking out your story. Plus, Wattpad’s algorithms will give your story higher ranking if it updates within a 5 day period. Wednesday and Friday are good because of the way traffic hits the website. The best day is Friday due to the reranking that goes on and the wave of traffic that hits on the weekend. The worst day and time to post is Saturday morning.

2) Meet and Socialize in Clubs and Forms

Wattpad is VERY social. My favorite club to hang out in has been “The Cafe”. People post word games and aspects of what they need for their books. Sometimes they just post whatever just to chat. If you like Facebook or Twitter, it can get that social, but just imagine Goodreads thrown in for good measure. The best thing to do is join a club( like a group) relating to the genre you write. You’ll meet readers and writers that share the same interest.

3) Get A Cover Done

This is a must when starting out. The title should also be something that really catches people’s attention. Once you’ve got a post or two up, most of the graphic design threads will except you. They can be found in the Forums Graphic Designers club. They often have rules posted, and work like “I’ll scratch my back if you scratch mine.” Mostly they ask for a payment of a comment, mention or dedication in your book.

4) Post An Introduction or Greeting At the Beginning Of Your Story

Wattpad is very personable. A lot of the stories start out with the normal copyright info, but some get creative. Many posts almost have the feeling of a social media post in the beginning. Your readers on Wattpad are like your friends. If you think of it that way, it will get you off in the right direction. Go through some stories in your genre, and see what the person has posted at the beginning. It will help you to see how to spruce your intro up.


***And that’s it so far. Below are some links that should be helpful. They are great resources for getting started. Feel free to comment or visit at Kboards.com and leave a message on the board there. Hope it helps you get a good start on Wattpad.

If you’d like to read my story, Saving My Heart, here is the link.

Saving My Heart is available on Wattpad. New Adult Romance by Marilyn Vix

Saving My Heart is available on Wattpad. New Adult Romance by Marilyn Vix


**Feel free to leave a comment or vote for my story. Better yet, follow me, and we can message. Like I said, Wattpad is a community of readers and writers. Love to hear from you.



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4 thoughts on “Learning The Secrets Of Wattpad

  1. Bojenn says:

    Hey thanks for your information. I was once on Wattpad and couldn’t figure it out so I left, now after reading your tips, I might give it another whirl…

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