New Adult Romance Story Posted On Wattpad

Saving My Heart updates every Wednesday at: Wattpad/users/marilynvix.

I’m trying an adventure for the new year. I’ve got a new adult romance story building into a serial. It came from a dream and a trip to Malibu. I’m sure Taylor Swift’s new video Blank Space influenced my dream. I was wondering in a mansion slowly being torn down, admiring the different decorations and amazing decor of the mansion. I wondered all around watching the back of the building being torn down. I woke up and wrote the story down. Later, I found a mansion down the street in Malibu built in 1928. I took it as a sign. So, my imagination just took off.

Posted on Wattpad is the new adult romance novel, Save My Heart. It is forming from this early inspiration.  It’s terribly freeing to just write knowing others will be able to share in the process. It’s like a whole website of beta readers, leaving comments, and enjoying free novels as they develop. It is also the website where Fifty Shades of Grey was discovered as fan fiction.

So, you are invited to witness the progress of a new novel, read through, and leave comments. Vote and tell me what you think. Missing something? Tell me what to add. I’ll love to hear from everyone. Some of the best feedback I get during the writing process. Join in the fun! I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

It is to note, the title is subject to change along with the cover. I just have come up with a working cover and title to get it all started. Later, I’ll go back and see if it all still works, and get a better cover done. So, again, this is part of the process.

Another cover design for "Saving My Heart" by myself by using

Another cover design for “Saving My Heart” by myself by using

See a novel in process. Link to SAVE MY HEART.

Look for hints about new chapters in "Saving My Heart" on the Pinterest board.

Look for hints about new chapters in “Saving My Heart” on the Pinterest board.

***New Pinterest board posted with hints and pins relating to Save My Heart.

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