Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2016 Day 4: Book Review of Claire Daly: Reluctant Soul Saver

Welcome to Day 4 of the Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2016. Today I am reviewing one of the participating authors in the blog tour this week, Michele Brouder’s book Claire Daly: Reluctant Soul Saver.  

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Michele Brouder creates a DaVinci Code YA with a love laced mystery.

Claire Daly is a typical, geeky Irish teenager. Her only wish is to make it through her bookshop-job-working-summer so she can start going to college to become a librarian. If she gets up the nerve to tell the boy next door she is in love with him, even better. But when an accident at a holy well reveals she has mysterious powers only worthy of a group called the Illuminatae, her world is turned upside down.

Suddenly, her family is at risk by the Unholy, the group that hunt down and try to stop budding Illuminatae. Her mysterious aunt arrives to help her train against these forces. They are trying to stop her from reaching her full potential. But will she be able to have enough confidence and interest in her new life as an Illuminatae before she has to face the forces of Hell?

Wow! This book really sucked me in. I really enjoyed the setting in Ireland. I’ve visited twice now. It’s such a beautiful country. There were references to Imperial soap and other things that make me know the author either has visited or been to Ireland.

The whole Illuminatee twist is interesting too. I love anything that has a strong woman with superpowers. It reminded me of The DaVinci Code with a love triangle laced through. The theme of good versus evil  and questioning ones faith mirrored Dan Brown’s book. Overall, I’d recommend it for someone that wants a little faith in their paranormal read.

**** 4 Star Rating

**Available at as a Kindle Unlimited title.

Tomorrow, will be the wrap up for the blog tour. Stop by for some sneak peeks of my current projects. Until then, enjoy visiting the other participating websites for book reviews of other participating authors’ paranormal romances.

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