Last week of Kpop Romance Blog Tour for “Love Over Kpop”

Welcome to the last week of my blog tour for my fabulous Vella serial, “Love Over Kpop”. I have had a wonderful time answering everyone’s questions and comments through out this tour. It’s been great to hear from you and get feedback on the story. Since Vella doesn’t allow comments yet, it’s been invaluable hearing from all of you on the blogs through out the last month. It really has inspired me in the whole writing process of this particular project. My writer’s block has been pretty bad in regards to fictional writing, especially since paranormal romance deals with fantastical worlds and creatures. To have the world erupt into a realistic scenario of a pandemic has given an unreal feel to the last year. It has affected my ability to write, especially since I haven’t been able to travel, go to writing conferences, and experience every day adventures that help inspire my writing. It pretty much has sucked.

So, to be able to hear from you all through the comments on all the blogs has helped a lot. So thank you to everyone one of you that have commented through out the last several weeks. It has truly helped to get my writing motivation going, and I do hope you continue reading and enjoying the series. I have gotten a lot of general comments that I’ll address in a few questions below.

  • Will the series be turned into a book?

This is a good question. So far, I want to continue writing it on Vella as a serial. There are many reasons why. It is helping me in the writing process to write episode by episode. The manuscript needed some rewrites, some of it extensive in some places. Rewrites sometimes are hard for me to get through. So, putting it into this format has helped me attack what needed to be finished.

I have a serial editor working with me, and I’m pleased with how it is going. Likely, in the end, I’ll be able to put the finished serial out as a book. But likely, it will be a year before it gets to that process. I know many of my readers might not want to wait that long. So, here is the opportunity to see a writing project in the process of finishing as well as getting to read it a lot earlier than the whole manuscript much later.

  • Do you listen to Kpop too? Do you have favorite bands?

I have been obsessed with Kpop since I started watching K-dramas back in 2015. I started with “Boys Over Flowers” and was introduced to SS501. I found I absolutely love the music, likely because of the late 80s music inspiration. I grew up in the 1980s, and loved the New Wave/Alternative scene back in the day. I worked at a college radio station in promotions and a night radio DJ for a little while.

Also, I worked at a dance club called One Step Beyond in the late 80s. Yes, this is my online 80s club I based on it, and it has been copied too by others. But the pictures used are mine from my last night working in the club. Maybe sometime I’ll write a Silicon Valley romance since I grew up and worked there for most of my life. In fact, I’ve only just recently moved to the North Bay, but have strong ties still in the valley. I watched it change from the Santa Clara Valley to the Silicon Valley. That is likely a story in itself. But I digress.

So, I have been exploring and getting to know the music and bands for the last 6 years. I’ve made up a lot of playlists of Kpop to write by on YouTube as well, going through explorations of both male and female groups. My current mix has a strong sprinkling of Boyfriend, Super Junior, 2PM, 9Muses, and Shinee. I’ll link to the playlists below of the different bands I’ve listened to while writing this manuscript. I usually make up a YouTube playlist to help me get into the ZONE of the story. Great thing about that, you as a reader, can also get into the story listening to the same playlist. It’s also a great way to get introduced to the musical genre.

  • Feedback on the cover, and the story behind the graphic.

Thank you everyone for mentioning how you liked the graphic for the cover of the story. Vella doesn’t use covers like most ebooks, but a graphic that it displays for the story, similar to Wattpad and other online writing platforms. So, I had to look around and find the right graphic. I found this one and got the rights from the artist, and am likely to use it with the cover too in a future book. So, it was nice to hear I chose right for this project. Sometimes you don’t know and have to go with your gut. The feedback helps me to know I chose right. So, thank you so much for letting me know. 😉

So, those are the general areas of comments and questions I’ve gotten through out the blogging websites. Thank you so much to everyone that has participated, bloggers, readers that commented, and Goddess Fish Promotions for putting it all together. There is just hours remaining to enter the giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card as part of the promotional blog tour. The link to the giveaway is on all participating blogs for the tour. Again thank you, and I hope you enjoy “Love Over Kpop” as it continues through the process of being completed. You’re the ones I’m writing it for. So thank you! Keep up those likes, follows, and please remember to “Fav” my story once a week. It helps towards my story earning a crown so it can be featured on the Vella website.

To close, hear is the list of the participating bloggers for this last week of the tour. Plus, it’s followed by links to my playlists for my Kpop writing playlists.

October 13 Blogger Participation List:

1: The Avid Reader
2: fundinmental
3: Harlie’s Books
4: It’s Raining Books
5: Wendi Zwaduk – Romance to Make Your Heart Race
6: Natural Bri

Kpop YouTube Writing Lists:

Vella Love Over Kpop Playlist

Kpop Romance Playlist

Kpop Rom Editing Playlist

Kpop & Pop 2019

Thank you again for following along with this story. Until next time,

-Marilyn Vix

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