Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2020-Canceled

It is with heavy heart that I have to announce the cancelation of this year’s PR Blog Tour. There was lack of interest, and I only had one sign-up which isn’t really enough to hold a whole week event. I’m guessing this year, 2020, is just too much in so many terms for a lot of us, and I just didn’t get the author sign-up needed.

But I am not daunted. There is always next year. And I’m going to throw this event onto the bonfire of life, and move on to the next event. Basically, writing more of my next novella. If I can get the creative juices flowing. Yes. Even I’m having a tough time writing and I’m even moving to a new home now too. So, lots of changes spell difficulty writing and being creative.

But between the pandemic, a raging wild fires around my new house which thankfully was put out, it’s like almost it’s signs that this year is not to be just like any other. It’s okay to let go of some things.

I’m not really surprised that really in a way things are going this year. Promos for books are being put on the back shelf for some. Life is dealing all of us challenges we must pay attention to, and sometimes, things have to be let go.

But hopefully when the dust settles around 2020 and the glorious “It-has-to-get-better!” year of 2021 arrives, we’ll get back into the swing of things of the things we love, writing and doing things like concerts, eating at a restaurant. And this darn pandemic will start getting under control.

As it is, my vampires are whispering about what is going on in their world, and hopefully I’ll be able to get some writing done during the winter after I’ve moved. I can say, they’re going through the pandemic too. And what havoc it causes for the vampire world is forming and getting on pages. Hopefully, signing up and doing some Nanowrimo writing next month will help.

But it’s 2020. And I’ve learned not to under estimate this year. Let’s just all hang in this together, and get through the year safely.

So, stay safe, wear a mask, and hopefully the 2021 Blog Tour will be full of sign ups and enthusiasm. Read some good books. I’ll work on finding some more awesome authors to post about on my blog too. I know that reading will also get us through this tough winter.

Hang in there!

Until next time,


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