Interview with Helen Baskerville Dukes

In the mood for some romantic escapism, I’ve got a fabulous romance to help you. Helen Baskerville Dukes has written a new doctor romance. Therapy Fix is great way to start off your summer reading. Juanita Winfield finds herself attracted to her charismatic psychologist. Does he feel the same? Feelings always get entangled in ways that will cause danger along the way. Find out in Helen’s new book.

Helen Baskerville Ducks started out writing scripts for plays and film. She is an experienced producer with fifteen plays produced in the Provence area. She had her film “Ladies Night” premiere at the Rhode Island Black Film Festival last year. I had the chance to talk to Helen about her love for writing, romance, and what fabulous projects she has in store for us.

  • Do you have a writing routine? Share what works for you.

Helen Baskerville Dukes: My writing routine changes when I have project goals and timelines. Those routines consist of taking multiple breaks throughout the day. I feel moving around allows my brain to relax and form logical creativity. Once I’m up in the morning, I make myself a cup of tea, pray and then begin writing. I try not to write late at night because I get very little done when fatigue sets in.

  • What subjects would you like to write about in future projects?

Helen Baskerville Dukes: For future projects, I would like to write about social issues, relationship conflicts, family drama and American culture. I like mystery, drama and romance and plan to frame stories around these genres.

  • What is writing to you in one sentence?

Helen Baskerville Dukes: Writing to me is the ability to freely express my thoughts and experiences in a way that my readers can make connections with the characters and themes to leave an everlasting impact.

Book Blurb for Therapy Fix:

TherapyFixcvr“Juanita Winfield, President and CEO of Winfield Consultant Firm, has reached a crossroads. She’s built a highly successful technology company and to all outward appearances is a polished and professional career woman. However, appearances can be deceiving. Inside, Juanita is wrestling with demons from her abusive childhood that she just can’t seem to overcome as evidenced by her penchant for dating abusive men. Unable to escape the anxiety, nightmares and flashbacks of her past, Juanita makes the brave decision to seek professional help.

Enter Dr. Kingston Brice, a very attractive and charismatic psychologist who comes highly recommended. As Dr. Brice delves deeper and deeper into Juanita’s past it becomes clear that she’s a very troubled woman with a lot of issues to overcome. But he’s up to the task. After all, this is what he does best; counsel people and solve their problems. Dr. Brice has built quite an impeccable reputation and is highly respected in his field. That’s why it’s so troubling to him when he finds himself attracted to Juanita. In his entire career he’s never violated the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct by becoming involved with a patient and he doesn’t intend to do so now… But the feelings just won’t go away. To complicate matters further, it appears Juanita has developed feelings for Dr. Brice making it difficult for them to maintain a professional relationship.

As the pair set out to help Juanita overcome her troubled and tumultuous past, a series of events is set into motion that escalates into a very dangerous and explosive situation!”

Therapy Fix is available at on as a Kindle Unlimited title.


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