Why Should A Self-Published Author Hire An Ebook Formatting Company?


Are you thinking of self-publishing? Take it from me. It can be daunting to do all that is needed. Writing, editing, formatting, cover designs. However, there is a secret to self-publishing. What is it? You don’t have to do it all yourself. You can hire out many of the steps. Today, I’d like to go over the reasons why you need to do this, and why it’s a great idea to start with formatting.

Keep The Marketing Of Your Book Under Budget While Making Your Life Easier

First, I’d like to start with a story. My first romance book was Never Marry A Warlock. I wanted to save some costs, because I had spent a lot of my budget on a good editor. I thought I could do the formatting myself, and I could. What I thought was a few hours project, turned into a massive headache that went on for days. I used the template available through my publishing platform. It was a very basic style. Looking back now, I could have done so much more. But this is how you learn. Sometimes it’s just better to hire the expert. Less hassle, better quality.

Easy Steps To Help You Get Everything Under Control

That’s where EBOOKIFI comes in. They can help in some of those areas where you might be rusty or just don’t want the headache. Take formatting. You’ll be able to design the platform conversion you want for your book without having to deal with the specs. A hands on approach will keep the original look of your book intact while taking on those tricky parts like Table of Contents, tables, poetry format, and Q & A formatting like in nonfiction. No need to worry about your manuscript being excepted by digital platforms such as Smashwords.

Plus, there are other services to help iron out any other problems you may be having with publishing. EBOOKIFI can help with cover design and eBook promotion. All the services are at a reasonable price to keep you at a budget you can afford. Even discount coupon codes are available for some services. Just check out on the website.

Here’s the solution to make your manuscript look its best after all your hard work. Stop having to worry about all those areas that aren’t writing. Give it over to the professionals so they can make your book look good. Hire quality, and it will reflect in your finished book product. Because that’s what you are creating, not you’re baby, but a finished, sellable product that you want to be polished and enticing to buy.

Don’t settle for low quality in any process of self-publishing. Check out EBOOKIFI and get started in formatting your manuscript without the hassle of doing it yourself. The professional decision is to hire the best to make the high quality book product you know you can sell.

Again, congratulations on writing that book. No, go out and get it ready to publish.

For more information about EBOOKIFI: visit their website at: https://www.ebookifi.com/faq/.


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