New Release from Marilyn Vix: Falling Into Vegas


Marilyn Vix’s new release “Falling Into Vegas” co-written with Lynda Belle.

So, I’ve had a bit of a rough patch for the last few months. My father passed away in November last year, and that put a stint into my writing schedule. I can’t even explain how hard it is to lose a parent, let alone all the arrangements, paper work, etc. that have to be dealt with. I was literally in the middle of my NaNo project, the fabulous supernatural romance I’d been speaking about writing. And well, after Daddy was gone, it killed my momentum for the project at the time.

I spent some months going through the grieving process, which I still am. But writing has always been a therapy for me and my Dad did support and love my writing career. So, I found a project that had been put to the side for awhile, the sequel to “Thankful In Vegas” and began to work on it and finished it. It helped to work on another project and get it to the published stage. So, I have dedicated it to my father. He would be so proud I’m soldiering on and still writing.

So, with that behind the scenes story of it becoming published, here is the blurb to get you interested. Plus, you don’t have to read the first story to understand, but it will add to the experience to begin with “Thankful In Vegas”. I’ve added the link to it below.

***Thank you for all of the support over the last few months. Fans, friends and extended family. It’s been a rough winter. -Marilyn

Blurb for “Falling Into Vegas“:

Is dating a gambler in Vegas a good idea?

Especially if you work for him?

Fran has fallen hard for a Las Vegas gambler, Dex Luxom. But he’s also her boss. That doesn’t stop the passionate love affair happening between them. What started as a job opportunity has sprung into a full-blown affair. But when Fran finds out she looks like his dead wife, will it put a damper on their relationship? Or will the bullets flying past her when they are taking a romantic day trip make her rethink dating a gambler was a good idea? It all comes down to the New Year’s event that may split them up or bring them closer together.

***To start the series, here is the link to the first book, “Thankful In Vegas”.

thankfulvegasfinalthumbBlurb for “Thankful In Vegas“:

Do dreams really come true? 

They can in Las Vegas.

Fran Hurley is a maid at a Las Vegas hotel. Her dreams of being a showgirl have not materialized after moving to Las Vegas. In the middle of her cleaning shift, she breaks down, slumping into the towels of her maid cart. Along comes Dex Luxom, the owner of the hotel. Concerned why one of his employees is having a breakdown, he whisks her to the entertainment department of his hotel and gets her placed in one of the shows.
But her luck doesn’t stop there. Dex is interested in Fran, and won’t give up easily. Haunted by the fact she looks like his deceased wife, he can’t stay away from her. When Fran discovers he is a gambler, she decides she needs to take a chance with Dex, and finally be thankful she’s in Las Vegas.

***The next book in the series is forthcoming and will wrap up the story of Fran and Dex.

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Falling Into Vegas:

Thankful In Vegas:

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Falling Into Vegas:

Thankful In Vegas:

For information on the co-author Lynda Belle, visit her website here:


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