A Look Towards 2019: What to Expect from Marilyn Vix

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Greetings everyone. I know it’s been what seems like a year of absence for me, but I promise you I’ve been writing up a storm. I have been working on a kpop romance novel that hopefully will be turning into something soon. Plus, I’ve been working on a sequel with Lynda Belle for “Thankful In Vegas“. We’ve been working in the vein of writing “Never Marry A Warlock”, churning a small novella out at a time in a series. Then, the whole series will come out as an omnibus edition paperback. Which brings me to my goal for the year.

For 2019, I’ve decided to go with what I know best, writing novellas and sticking with my passion of the supernatural and paranormal. I have started a supernatural romance which involves past lives, ghosts and a paranormal investigation TV show scenario. Which is going fabulous. But I have to recognize I had to get the kpop romance story out of my head. But thankfully it’s done, and I can go on. But I still have a few kpop ideas floating around in my head for other novel ideas. They might come out someday too. You never know.

thankfulvegasfinalthumbBut, I’m back to my regular fun place in my head. I’m really enjoying the sequel to “Thankful…” which is looking like the title is going to be “Love In Vegas”. I’m not jumping up and down with that title, so it could change. But it will be a nice bridge for the over arching story that is forming for Dex and Fran. It’s got a bit of a romantic suspense element going on, and it’s loads of fun right now. So, look for that in the beginning of 2019. It takes a few months to get it through the publishing process.

Everything - High ResolutionSeriesI’ve been working on ideas to continue the Time Rogues series, and the next book after “Everything For Love”. I’ve got them landing in New York 1928, and I’m feeling a draw to 1930s Hollywood. How they get there will be part of the fun. So stay tuned.

I’ve also recently lost my dad a few days before Thanksgiving. So the end of 2018 has been rough. Yes, I was close to my father, and it’s been hard the last few months which has been affecting my writing. But he was so proud of my writing and also for my years working as a teacher. So, I’m going to keep on writing some awesome stories in his name. I know it’s what he’d want to see me keep doing, bringing joy and love to people in books. I’ll know that my Dad is watching over me and cheering me on like he did when he was alive.

So, that pretty much brings you all up to date. Thank you for being part of my blog family. I’ve started this journey back in 2013, not knowing where writing paranormal romance would bring me. And I tell you, I feel honored to be writing for people that love my stories as well as being able to write what I enjoy.

That is important when taking on a career like this, writing what you love. I look forward to each day when I can go back and reread what I wrote the day before, only when the story is to continue, there is a blank space I need to continue myself. So, the reader in me is only satisfied if I keep going. I have to keep writing so I know what happens next.

So, here is to a new year and what happens next. Let’s take that journey together.

Thank you for your love and support in 2018! I look forward to sharing all my new projects and books in 2019.




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